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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


How to recognize depression, minor

How to recognize depression youthful u difficult to distinguish depression from bad humor in children and adolescents

u Difficult to distinguish depression from bad humor in children and adolescents, adolescent depression usually occurs between 13 and 16 years old - a young man experiencing a storm of hormones, which can result in different countries / U . Br
b Causes / b cause of teen depression May be too high demands on the child, or in other situations - such as academic problems, forbidden love, parental conflict, parental divorce, death in the family etc. - the reasons may be, however, much more
b Symptoms / b Depression affects a minor child may experience the following symptoms:. . ul irritability, anger and hostility, crying, headaches, abdominal distress and discomfort, lack of motivation, changes in eating or sleeping habits, withdrawal from social contact, sadness and hopelessness, poor memory, poor concentration, low self-esteem, guilt, problems with authority, great sensitivity to criticism, abuse of alcohol and / or drugs, thoughts of suicide. / Ul
b Diagnosis / b Moderate depressive phase is characterized by youthful content of speech - a teenager is focused on poverty, disease, despair and finally -. death gradually loses its ability to clear and rational and logical thinking and exact observation and assessment of the reality of His world was deprived of light, joy and hope Teenager .. becomes lonely and full of inner pain, and this makes it vulnerable to adverse external influences
b Treatment / b the best form of therapy the child support system -. family - Unfortunately, in Poland, only the most commonly used pharmacological treatment. There is no way to protect your child from all dangers of the world around them, but you can wkraczającemu puberty help a person cope with the emergence of crises, conflicts, provocations and temptations.
very important in working with adolescents to exercise:
reducing radicalism in thinking, which involves overcoming obviousness attitudes, improve communication skills, increase, extend or effect as building confidence and self esteem for themselves and self-confidence and competence, enhance the sense of security and trust in the people with the best interests of the child, which includes the gradual rejection of feelings of loneliness in their problems and negative expectations in relation to their environment, which includes learning how to deal with conflict situations, reduce emotional tension and reduce anxiety is relaxation and customized vacation teenager . / UL

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