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How to buy your child a safe toy

How to buy your child a safe toy u Before buying a new toy worth paying attention to signs

u Before buying a new toy worth paying attention to the signs you can use it to find out what age group the toy is intended and meets certain safety standards / U
u. Marking toys / u
toy or packaging must be legible and indelible CE marking and information, including name and address or name of an authorized representative or the importer into the European Union. information contained in this information may be given in the form of abbreviations, but under provided that would allow identification of the manufacturer, his authorized representative and importer.
seafront toy manufacturer, which is an essential component materials or substances hazardous to health or life, is given. / u
with instructions for use and warnings hazard information on the use of measures necessary to avoid potentially dangerous situations, information on first aid in case of accidents caused by using the toy and hold it in place inaccessible to children / ul
In the case of toys enameling, sets and plastic properties, miniature ceramic studio and photo sets, beyond the manufacturers instructions must be affixed to the packaging of information that toys intended for children older than a certain number of years, warning that it can be used only under adult supervision
u All toys hit market in the European Union, must meet certain safety standards, which provide the following certification:. / u
U. will / u - is given by the manufacturer, which means that the production of toys applying appropriate standards;
u EC / u - toy meets the requirements of EU law - may be issued a certificate of authority, which has a status assessment - independent of producers and consumers -;
u EN71 / u - the product meets the basic safety standards, if it is manufactured in accordance with the harmonized European standard counterpart,
u TUV / u - passed. by independent laboratories and organizations This means that the toys meet EU standards, and shows that the substances used to produce are safe for the child;
u PEFC / u - the safety of toys - the production of organic standards, economic and industry;
u FSC / u - located on the wooden toys, confirming that the wood for their production comes from forests gospodarowanych according to strict rules, taking into account the protection of the environment;
u Fair Trade / u. - toy made with respect for human rights and without the use of child work supports Fair Trade farmers and artisans, providing them with fair wages for the work;
u Gots / u - Global Organic Textile Standard - toy made from organic cotton, farming without pesticides were used;
in confirmation of Mother and Child Institute and the National Institutes of Health / u - toys are tested by experts and adhere to safety regulations in Polish law
Warnings seafront. / u
manufacturer, except as provided in remedy or play alone information published warnings, such as:
Not suitable for children under 3 years Note: for use only under the direct supervision of an adult Note: you need to use protective equipment - for example, in the case of skates - Note . For use only in water at a depth safe for children, under adult supervision Note: For children age ... For use under adult supervision, at the age of manufacturer decides / ul In addition to these warnings
, the manufacturer shall also inform of any special risks associated with the given constraints
toys should be designed and manufactured so that they usually do not pose risks .. the childs health or life

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