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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


How to prepare for pregnancy for men

How to prepare for pregnancy

u Birth is always a great experience for parents, however, before this important occasion, and your partner and you should be prepared for pregnancy Here are some tips for you, since Dad ... / u
u time required to produce new sperm free of harmful substances, are capable of fertilizing the egg takes approximately 3 months of semen quality depends on many factors. / u
general state of your health, stress, taking certain medications - antibiotics, drugs for lowering blood pressure -; physical agents - heat, light -; drugs. smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol / ul
u Research / u
Preparing for Pregnancy should begin as early as one year before the deadline to get pregnant your doctor will instruct you and your partner to a number of basic research, including: .. blood and urine and blood glucose testing and HBs antigen
u With this study you will learn, among alia, that: / u
Your liver is right, do not suffer from anemia, you do not have problems with urinary tract infections are carriers of hepatitis B / ul
u Pregnancy - a brief guide for men / u
first three months - I u quarter / u -. female body undergoes many changes to support him, and remember that hormonal changes do not cause permanent changes in the emotional area, the most common symptoms include nausea usually disappear after the first 2-3 months. To learn more about pregnancy and birth, you should get professional literature, or go to the doctor for advice
next three months -. u second quarter / u - are associated with marked changes in the profiles of women notice a rapid increase in weight of her body, as well as changes in sexual needs -. reduction or, on the other hand, increased libido. Some couples feel closer because of fears of fear of birth defects. Remember that sex is properly developing a low-risk pregnancy, not even the threat of the mother or fetus. Talk with your partner about all those at work in this period of change
u In the third quarter / u Pregnancy -. last weeks before delivery -. increased arousal and anxiety associated with waiting for babies of women in this age usually are struggling with severe back pain, leg cramps, insomnia .., heartburn and indigestion caused by a mass of growing unrest fully formed female child help pack the equipment during their stay in hospital - and personal items clothes for your child -.

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