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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


You can plan the sex of the baby?

Did you plan the sex of the child u Some couples think about the gender of the child, even before a woman is pregnant?

u Some couples think about the gender of the child, even before a woman is pregnant Choose a name, to indulge in dreams of the common walking with his son fishing, dancing or playing with his daughter on the first child usually has no sex is so important, and others - not so I have a boy and a girl - .. the idea of ​​the perfect family for many people to be able to plan sex / u
b Y is faster ... / b
widely circulated theory with which we meet everywhere, says that the highest probability of conception when the girl was living contentedly a few days before ovulation, then the sperm containing the X chromosome -. definition of women - that are difficult, they can no longer survive in the reproductive tract sperm contains a Y chromosome - the male decisive - and have a chance to survive until the egg matures According to this theory, conceive a boy You should wait to have sex for ovulation. - ..? then the Y chromosome sperm moving much faster than X chromosome, the first and the eggs ahead of the competition so many theories and how it works in practice
b studies show otherwise Solid / b German manufacturer of computer cycles Baby-Comp - high-precision equipment, medical appointments on fertile days , ovulation and infertile -. examined the empirical relationship between the timing of intercourse and sex born child Women who use computer cycles child-comp intending to become pregnant - the computer can be used as a contraceptive - to inform the computer cycle during sex, and after pregnancy - .. Sex-born child results certainly surprised by all the proponents of the theory of turnover, which we described above turned out to have sex during ovulation chances of conceiving a girl, and the coexistence of several days before ovulation results in the birth of his son -. that the results of this study were the opposite of the generally accepted theory about scheduling sex on the basis of this study Computer Baby-Comp series is enhanced with plans to feature sex of the child, whose effectiveness has been set at 80 percent, which is quite high.
The boy or girl? computer Baby-Comp series is able to help couples plan sex. But remember that the idea for your child may be quite other than later reality Although research suggests that young boys are much more active, energetic and curious world of a girl -. make their behavior more from their mothers and seek approval from them a lot more to do, you may find that your daughter will have a dream in the nature of discovery, rather than hold it in place, but the boy for hours, playing with blocks and it is quite natural,

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