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How to teach your child to sleep alone

How to teach your child to sleep alone u older child, the more difficult to convince them to just sleep

u older child, it is difficult to convince them to sleep alone there is no ideal time - .. Some children sleep in their child from the first days of his life, however, most babies spend the first few months in the bedroom child is not really happening there is no harm, and your tears simply want to force parents to return to his room. child learn to fall asleep independently without tears, in such situations must be ruthless.
u Another way is to wrap the baby to sleep / u - should be placed comfortably in a baby cot, give him a kiss, and then sing a lullaby - let go - disk. and a hug good night this time you should not leave the room until the baby falls asleep - mom or dad with a child, but not with him in the bed right next door, even on the floor. child will be calmer, if the eye will be at least one parent.
u last time to stay in the room with the child, but not in direct contact / u. It is with the child to sit and wait while your baby sleeps - it can not maintain eye contact with your baby, let alone engage in a conversation with him, children are often in such moments, very tricky and require just any reason to leave your parents, however, if your child .. convinced that his apologies for not much seems to finally give up and fall asleep
b u the above methods are still in force, it should be before bedtime. / U / b
mute child - you should avoid strong game and choose to read quietly, lazy fairy tales, childrens bath, read a favorite story and a hug, let the light in the room, if your child asks for it - little one feel safer and faster to fall asleep, make sure that your child is comfortable and the room is the right temperature - the best place to sleep is about 22 degrees C -. / Ul
u self-study of sleep should not be a difficult experience no child or parent. Most important is the right approach, patience and consistency of work. / U

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