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How to recognize dyslexia in children

How to recognize dyslexia in children seafront difficulties in learning to read, write and take care of the appropriate level of graphic works that are ultimately resolved by the end of the period of primary school

seafront difficult to read, write and take care of the appropriate level of graphic works that are ultimately resolved by the end of the elementary school often, however, the emergence of this disease are based only in high school, even in high school .. / u
b There are several types of dyslexia: / b Dyslexia - in the strict sense refers to the difficulty in reading -; Dysortografia - committing various types of spelling errors - including spelling - despite knowing rules of correct writing and dysgraphia to coded letters - ugly, niekaligraficzne letter, dyscalculia - difficulty in solving even the simplest math - addition, multiplication, -, dysphonia - slurred, very softly spoken - occurs in rare cases -.
Dyslexia is caused by impaired basic cognitive functions, which may relate to visual perception - As I see it, but -, phonological perception - hearing, but go unheard -. and integration of these processes
b Dyslexia - learning disabilities / b u
writing: / u
difficulties in prescribing, problem management letter liniaturze and difficulty writing, listening, writing, slow, confusing letters: PA, Bishop, DB, DG, un, m, n, s , d, c, s, s, t, l, nieróżnicowanie: A-OM, EE, no, no missing letters, leaving bits and particles of words, difficulty in writing words from zmiękczeniami, letters and dwuznakami voiceless and transmit the letters in the word, pivot field dictated words, scrambled letters, incorrect use of capitalization, the difficulty in distinguishing similar sounding words - for example, cock-kokut -, poor distribution of written work in the area, lack of or improper use of punctuation and spelling errors arising from the inferior visual Memory / ul
u reading. / u
slow, uncertain, tortured pace, the reluctance to read, especially aloud, lowering the entire line, replace or lower case letters, wrong reading of whole words, guessing, difficulty in dividing longer words into syllables, difficulty in finding the most important ideas in the text / ul
u Misc. / u
the drawing - is too strong or too weak emphasis pen mapping wrong direction, rote learning, For example, multiplication tables, strings of verbal learning geography, such as improper orientation of the world, the science of geometry - a disorder of spatial orientation and imagination, the difficulty in acquiring verbal language learning - a significant difference between the pronunciation and spelling, WF lesson - poor orientation in body form and space - the wrong exercises -, reduced mobility, slow work, disproportionate concentration of attention. / ul
People with developmental dyslexia to provide professional support to counselors or psychologists. Without this, it is difficult to deal with problems, even with the support of loved ones. No need to wait for a diagnosis of developmental dyslexia to be able to attend educational therapy classes .. The fact the so-called child credit risk of dyslexia, it is enough to do it
u for a thorough examination of your child, you can use the risk scale Dyslexia -. SRD -. This is a diagnostic tool that is used to show early school-age children - kindergarten, first grade - for the risk of dyslexia SRD has developed and published in the book Risk - dyslexia .... / u

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