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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


Fun Learning

. Funny Science u Every baby is a potential genius

u Every baby is a potential genius for six years, the brain absorbs information without much effort to use a childs curiosity and need for new sensations / u
Children are little explorers. Daily see and remember many details are still learning new skills. task of parents and carers of toddlers is to create more opportunities for learning about the world, the environment and themselves.
Entertainment is an integral part of life and an essential factor in the period of its development and adolescence. Puppies have boundless energy. focus their attention for longer than 3 minutes is not an easy task learning time should then be filled with many attractions. Active forms of education and group support the childs interest. develop their perception, auditory and visual memory. lessons enriched with dancing, singing, reciting poems and art classes for children, the ability to stimulate creative thinking. in the play group to acquire a natural ability to solve problems and overcome difficulties. learn what the competition, the joy of victory or bitter defeat. contact with peers also encourages social development of the child who learns to cooperate and build relationships with others .
Party movement, theme and design is often used when learning a foreign language. enrich the curriculum of different types of activities result in exposure of the child and brings much better results. Thanks to these methods, the child learns a new language in a natural way. Games and Entertainment intellectual materials are repeated in different contexts and techniques.
alternative to traditional teaching methods are fun allowing children to auscultate in a foreign language. Thanks to them, children learn new words through the practical application of their meanings. For example, children hear the instructions, lets start As a result, will make him great pleasure and to motivate further work, a new experience more firmly established in his memory.

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