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How to raise a child without a father

How to raise a child without a father seafront Lone parenting, whether by choice or due to various circumstances, there is always a challenge

u Lone parenting, whether by choice or due to various circumstances, there is always a challenge to a woman she has to cope with everyday life and concerns of parenting -. Child health and education - and also the need to balance work and daily baby care. / u
You can never assume in advance that the child grew up without a father will somehow be poorer. Many people believe that, especially wychowywanemu boy only his mother missing. better arm, and his fathers advice, but Psychologists say that a good understanding of love and mother-child relationship reduces the effects of growing up without a father
Woman face a problem of parenting, from the beginning to build a healthy relationship -. best for both sides. relationship in which there is openness, cooperation and setting realistic This limitation is better for the child self-control and self-confidence, and helps his emotional development
u lonely mom / u is sometimes overprotective -. think that should do nothing to compensate for raising a child without a father. Such an attempt to child care, wyręczania duties, or to conform his life, the child is not good for any child or for yourself. In addition, as a single parent, you can not put a child in a partner - the baby has a load of responsibility for the affairs of everyday life is simply unacceptable in the difficult moments, the mother must be the foundation for the child, not vice versa
must be in full force .. How to deal with the role of both parents, but when we have the presence of a childs life will be clearly visible, it can safely carry on the development of a small boy signs and maintenance of proper discipline
nevjenčan motherhood is also aware of motherhood - .. she needs to know who is and who has. to her child grow up in good conditions and properly develop their skills of subject experts who claim that the mother is happy, the child is how happy that this meeting can be. fulfill all the points scheduled on whether to use free time to relax. happy and relaxed mother gives her child a lot more fun.
u women often single parent / u believes that should be self-sufficient. This attitude, unfortunately, happens to her enormous weight. Keep in mind that no one is not alone - you can always seek help from parents, siblings and even friends who are definitely something to advise, support in difficult times that will be with child, when the need arises
u internet you can find many clubs in. forums for single parents. worth it to join them and share their experiences, support each other and solve problems. / u

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