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Wood or composite which to choose

Wood or composite

u Layout / u
First of all, everyone wants to terrace or balcony looks aesthetically Wood blends perfectly with both classic style and modern materials .. such as the steel structure of wood, which often characterized by irregular, has in itself - it is not easy to imitate - Charm Modern technologies enable the creation of composites, which is incredibly realistic in reflecting the character of the reference surface of the wood is not only about the design of building materials, but also .. its nuances. for the most demanding of composite boards are created, which are excellent as a substitute for exotic wood.
u Health / u
Wood exposed to prolonged exposure to moisture, especially nieosuszane for a long time, eg. if to shade the spot, suitable for all secondary fungi, molds and blue stain wood polymer is not the slightest good substrate for these organisms / em We might not even be aware that our allergies are getting worse by exposure pleśniejącymi floor planks to build a terrace of our most at risk are young children curiosity that brings not only watch but also flavor. world.
u Life / u
selection panel on the terrace or elevation of all the leading aesthetic criteria, but the second is the durability of the material chosen. It is no secret that, If you take proper care of wood, we can serve it up to 100 years. However, its natural characteristics, some May be defective, which can not be corrected. This refers to the resistance to weather conditions. unreliable rainfall and humidity accelerate the destruction of wood and its proper care and maintenance, and treatment. consuming and expensive
composite panels are not prone to occur in Poland, large fluctuations in temperature and moisture remaining composite wood, which is a combination of wood fiber and polymer technology combines the advantages of modern materials -. strength and resilience of the polymer with the appearance and touch wood.
u it / u
items of wood work brings much joy to our eyes, but a lot of work for our hands. Moreover, taking good care of able wood may require intensive financial statements. We must remember that not everyone has a head for it, to remember what year odmalowaniu fence. problem is similar to a terrace or balcony, to which we undoubtedly look even more important. no different with wooden facades of houses . probably anyone in the cleaning of such surfaces is a moment of discouragement, and after I thought it was.
To be able to enjoy the natural look of wood, with a minimum amount of time to devote to his care, just invest in a wood-polymer composite, whose care is limited to wash with water pressure. there is no question of buying expensive detergents, or spend hours washing difficult to remove stains. committees should not be complex or oil paint.
Natural wood or composite? uncompromising adherence to tradition is likely to bet on the selection tree ... After a moment of reflection can begin to change their decision, not only for economic reasons, because the price component is comparable to the price of natural wood u / u go over time, we strive to make life easier - worry. consolation, which, however, combined with excellent safety and welfare of the composite material is able to provide us with all of these conditions / em - Mark Maczuła notes, an expert from the company Technomac

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