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Skimming illegal copying of credit cards at ATM


u card / u u payment, PIN codes / u and u ATM / u is introduced in order to ensure the safety and convenience for customers in the use of means of payment deposited in the bank. But thieves do not sleep and inattention on our part when you use a credit card u / u might cost us a lot.
One of the more common offenses for which you can now find the seafront skimming / u - it depends on our seafront transfer credit card / u to get your PIN often u / u, from which we could not fully realize the way collected data is used to create. A copy of the card, which was then thieves to pay money from your account using an ATM u / u or use of payments in shops.
The seafront skimming / u in the case of ATM? Thieves install an ATM machine u / u so that it does not arouse suspicion and more people use it. These devices may take various forms, primarily to the magnetic stripe reader positioned over the holes in the payment card u / u, and cover the keys used for PIN u / u or miniature camera mounted in a convenient place for suspicion of entering the code.
What should we do to avoid copying seafront credit card / u? First of all, we should pay attention to the ATM u / u which we use - or do not have the impression that u ATM / u is not installed additional, not quite matching elements, in particular through the holes in the payment card u / u and keyboard. If in doubt, look for another ATM seafront / u.
is advisable to use an ATM u / u in places that can be considered safe and where thieves may have limited ability to install their mobile devices. These sites will include the establishment of banks and places that are additionally monitored - for example, through the camera -.
addition, PIN u / u should always cover the keypad on the other hand to prevent the suspect from the number of unauthorized persons, or recording installed near the camera.
u ATM / u is not the only place where we should pay attention to the risks associated with the seafront skimmingiem / u. In fact, we should pay attention every time you make payment via credit card in / u, and now especially in the case of payment by credit card u / u. Our cards can be scanned as payment in trade, such as u when entering your PIN / u Remember one rule : cardinal ... never lose sight of your card, for example, we must not allow a situation in which a restaurant waiter disappears with your card in the back if the card terminal is still somewhere we should go there with a waiter or a seller, and give card in this moment, when necessary.
Finally consolation should be aware that in the event of death victims skimming u / u, we can restore the lost money from the bank as soon as possible by making the appropriate request. In most cases, banks dealing with such complaints positively and return loss of money back into your account.

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