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Income from economic activity by an employee on sick leave and maternity leave

Income from economic activity by an employee on sick leave and maternity leave, unfortunately, no.

Unfortunately not Receive sickness under the contract of employment can not be received in this period, income from personal services we risk the loss of sick pay for the entire duration of the disease
According to the judgment of the Supreme Court .. 04/05/2005 OSNP 2005/21/342, gainful employment is any activity that would generate revenue. paid work although work activities that involve significant body nieobciążających entrepreneurs and at the same time the employee remains on sick leave.
With operations in person, that does not employ other people, Paid work can only be signing the documents, because this is our work to generate income.
So, what do you do in a situation where we are on a long sick leave, and we have a registered company? first
We may suspend business activities for the duration of the disease - the same applies for maternity leave -. we have the same insurance premiums paid
2 we employ at the time employee who is authorized to sign documents and take their responsibilities
u legal foundation / u
Law 25.06.1999r to compensation from the insurer of social illness and motherhood - ..... Dz U. 2005, No. 31, pos. 267

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