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Payment of taxes what do you do when you have no money to pay taxes?

Payment of taxes

Soon, some of us waiting for the payment of income tax for the previous year
tax payments resulting from the tax threshold in a given month, the increased rate is calculated only for the next month depending on how. Large amount of cross next tax threshold, it may be different, our payment.
So, what do you do in a situation where we left a huge mark-up, and at this point we have no money to pay off?
first and probably the cheapest solution is to ask the Tax Office with a request for deferment of payment of taxes. administration, however, must be sent / delivered prior to 30 April with a proposal the best repayment terms.
in appropriate cases, but pointed to the need for extensive explanations and solid reasons, we can even count bezodsetkowÄ… pay tax at a later date. If we pay interest, they are still lower than even the cheapest loans offered by banks to pay taxes.
Another way is as I mentioned in the preceding sentence, bank loan to pay for the tax credits .. offered on the basis of bank statements, our statements of income and annual confirmation from the employer and other
Unfortunately, it is often the interest rates are higher, around 11-13 percent rate of tax rates - on 28.03.2009 - 10.5% -. In addition, banks often impose minimum loan amount, such as Multibank - 3000 zl.

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