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How to manage the household budget

How to manage the family budget expenditure Proper planning can properly manage the family budget u / u

proper planning of expenditure can properly manage the household budget u / u Do not be economical at the same qualities that their money wisely to run a budget that does not exceed the cost of revenue ..?
Assessment should withdraw - You can buy a specially created computer program - the most necessary and least, monthly expenses, which should contain:
shopping - stores, chemicals, clothing, school supplies - monthly fees associated with housing - rent, electricity, water, gas, telephone, TV + Internet - Fees associated with maintaining a car - fuel costs, fees for parking / storage - expenditure on hobbies, interests and extra curricular activities - sports, cultural and entertainment - expenditures related to the small pleasures - eg: additional candies -, gifts for different occasions / ul
main thing we need to consider in making our cost of monthly income. costs should not exceed.
Rozplanujmy fees and takes the envelope, which will keep the money for various expenses each month.
Then we should think about which products, and from which we can give a similar situation to spend money on interest: ... sports and going to the cinema / theater / pub does not have to completely give up their favorite ways of spending leisure time, But you can limit their use to be careful
points! must pay regular rate, for each lag may reflect poorly on our budget next month.
anyone can learn to manage a household budget, just a good organization and do not overestimate their ability to pay.

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