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Registrations for OPF online so its possible

Registration for the online OPF

Open pension funds assets average about 600,000 people a year a quarter of them went into the fund chosen by lot, the rest to decide on the open pension funds alone - more or less consciously -. Time the most common way to subscribe to an open pension fund is vendors to meet and sign the agreement in his presence should be recalled that the vendor is only one fund for nature can not be objective -. This last point is particularly important in light of the frequent irregularities that traders use in their ongoing activities of the agency -. But did you know that you are willing to open pension funds over the Internet This solution is designed specifically for busy people who want to make a decision independently on the basis of objective criteria These people appreciate the convenience of saving time and sorting out all the formalities .. online.
In most pension funds, Online application filled in the same way. OFE sites are given forms of contracts that must be completed and submitted. Then we get the mail two copies of the contract, which must be signed in some places and one of the items returned back to the OPF. contract after approval by the users and representatives of the OPF, and not the time to apply online.
Prego with estimates, about 20-30% of customers joining the OPF via the Internet. vast majority of funds allows users to fill out the application to join the OFE website the opportunity to benefit people determined to accede to certain Those funds can not decide to take advantage of the many parallel motors pension funds - such as Rank .. OFE - allowing users to compare the OPF and subscribe to the Fund. Internet Not always, however, these pages are objective and reliable, many of them offer only a few pension funds - . result in a lack of objectivity - and the rankings are updated after a long delay, which reduces their credibility - there are cases of sites that provide data for 2007 -. Customers comparison engine, therefore, should pay attention to the training on offer service and timeliness of data items in this allows selection of OPF is fully aware and on the basis of objective evidence ..

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