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How to send etax

How to send e-tax to the Minister of Finance of December 30, 2010 r

According to the Minister of Finance of 30 December 2010 about how to submit reports and applications and types of electronic signatures, which should be certified - u in 2011 can be transmitted by electronic means the following statements Tax. / u
u PIT 36 / u - Declaration on the amount of income - incurred loss - submitted entrepreneurs u PIT 36L / u - submits declarations by taxpayers - contractors - who in 2010 led activity or specific sectors of agricultural production is subject to taxation on the basis of a flat tax rate - 19% tax, regardless of the amount of income -. u PIT 37 - together with contributions of income tax / O, PIT / D and PIT-2K - / u - Declaration on the amount of income - incurred loss. year - by taxable income for income tax of individuals u 38 / u - a statement filed by taxpayers who in 2010 received the income from securities borrowed securities - short sales -, derivative financial instruments and the rights pertaining thereto; shares in companies having legal personality and to the shares - stocks - companies that have legal personality or contribute to the cooperative. in exchange for a contribution in kind in a form other than the company or its organized part of the income tax 39 - Declaration of income earned from sale of property or property rights acquired or constructed private 2009-2010 PIT 28 -. Declaration on the amount of earned income, deductions made and the lump sum payable on registered income for 2010 PIT 16 -. request for taxation in the form of tax card, which shall remain deposited in the 2011 PIT 16A - Declaration on the amount of health insurance premiums, pay and tax deducted from the card each month in fiscal year 2010. PIT 19A - Statement of the amount of health insurance premiums deducted from wages and flat-rate income tax revenues of the clergy in each quarter of fiscal year 2010 / ul
untested electronic signature is based on. based on data submitted by the taxpayer covering:
NIP name surname date of birth, social security number listed in amount of income tax return or annual tax bill for the previous tax year - making 2010 the income tax of income-tax for the year 2009 - or the value 0 - zero -. where annually for two years before the tax year in which the electronic document shall not make any of the statements or annual tax calculation / ul Spouses
clearing along year 2010 need not submit additional reports in the traditional form of UPL-1, which used to be necessary. In 2011, a request for joint taxation be treated on a level with the approval of a declaration by the spouses to file joint taxes, and therefore can be expressed by one of the spouses.
tax return can be filed electronically via the free tools included on the website Published partnership. The exception is a form of private and public entities, whose duty it is bookkeeping.
possibility that the tax should be in the Tax Office by 20 January of the tax year in writing and no later than the date on which the first revenue.
u book income and expenditure / u taxpayers were able to deduct your expenses. evidence of those costs associated with collecting all the accounts that will be based on the flow of credit deductible.
u taxpayer / u the leading books of income and expenditure is necessary to have. fixed assets, vehicles, employment income cards, books or records of control equipment
u taxpayer records income tax point date / u - until the last day of the month in which payment of services received, services rendered or goods issued to date billing
people .. performing the activities while holding a total area greater than 1 hectare, is keeping records of income and expenditure on general principles.
posting business transactions should be done regularly, preferably a person knowledgeable in tax laws. dishonest conduct of a book can. result in the imposition of sanctions by the body that controls the activity
u Legal basis: / u
Act of 26 July 1991 on income tax from natural persons - OJ 2000, No. 14, item 176, as d - ....
Minister of Finance of 26 August 2003 on the conduct of fiscal revenue and expenditure book - OJ No 152, para. in 1475, as amended d - ...

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