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How to get support for ebusiness ?

How to get support for e-business in 2011, you can get funding for specific sites and e-services

In 2011, you can get funding to run specific portals and e-services - with the exception of hosting - maintenance of Internet domains - the following projects: Measure 8.1 Support to activities in the field of electronic commerce and work support 8.2 implementation of B2B e-business.
name of these activities show that the greatest amount of support they can count shops. However, the fact that the web site and execution of orders electronically May not be enough.
Aid for e-services, thus introducing a service project it would be impossible to give without the possibility of using Internet support will therefore include the following projects for web applications, without which it would be possible to do the following actions:.
online transactions through online auction sites, online travel reservation services, hotel or airline tickets online contracts, banks are using web applications, online mapping and locator, making automatic calculators, etc. / ul
support for e-business can get the micro and small enterprises, whose activity is not longer than one year
the applicant who has not completed 27 years can receive up to 80 percent of financial aid, and those above 27 years of age - up to 70% ..
for EU funds to purchase computers, software and licenses, electronic equipment, computer services, counseling should deliver existing services or introduce new ones.
grant may pay for training in connection with the launch of new electronic services or products, the launch of digital.
Measure 8.1 also allows you to subsidize, as few, activities, or get We have the support to cover the costs of social insurance, rent and the current fees and employee compensation.
Funding for this project is planned has not yet begun. company, whose application was rejected in a previous competition, may again be made after appropriate adjustments.
After receiving the support of e-commerce professional correct implementation of the project and keep stable for a period of 3 years from the termination of the contract.
When it comes to fulfilling the requirements for e-subsidy is not too much to suggest the conclusions of previous calls. Of course, they can serve as a useful source of fulfillment, but that it meets the entrepreneur should be guided primarily guidelines from the current user charging applications.
grant can not count on traditional businesses that are engaged in trade or services via the web. Internet commerce, e-florist, server rooms, offices, architectural and accounting services, as well as photos can not be supported, if you will only be used to create a site hardly innovative or expansion of existing activities.
before completing the program, read the documentation. Carefully fill out all required fields and describe the details mentioned in the instructions for filling applications.
competition for e-business is a huge opportunity for financial support. schedule calls for project proposals in 2011, is available on ~ ~ escape, and an application form can be downloaded at http:// / card in the application.

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