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How to transfer the contribution to OPF

How to transfer the contribution to OPF March 22, 2011 Parliamentary Committee on Public Finance positive opinion on the Government bill on u OFE / u

March 22, 2011 Parliamentary Committee on Public Finance positive opinion on the government bill on the seafront OFE / u The law was passed by the Croatian Parliament on March 25, will come into force on May 1, 2011 ..
The law states that part of the premium u / u of pensions - from 2017 - 3.5% - stands for the second pillar will be forwarded to u OFE / u, and the second part - 2017-3 , 8% - will be recorded in the sub-account is the Social Security pension account
thus reduce any contribution transferred to OPF, although it is still a second tier will hit 7.3% pension contribution and accumulated there. measures will be subject to inheritance in 2011, 2.3% of that part of the premiums to be transferred to open pension funds in cash and the rest -. 5% -. will go to individual sub-Social Security pension in future years, some contributions have led to OPF will be raised, the target to achieve 3.5% of the base.
contributions for social security subaccount will be recorded within 15 days of receipt of premiums. These funds will be deposited pensions. sub-account will also record data on the amount of contributions due and paid, and his status will be reduced by the amount paid to funded pensions -. day are paid
collected funds in the account of the social security system will be subject to annual adjustment or quarterly, depending on vesting date, the evaluation will be calculated at the average nominal GDP growth over the past. five years and her term will coincide with the date of valuation premium zewidencjonowanych
insured on account of 2012, which will be presented to the 4 percent tax credit -. calculated from the tax base - the people who save for their retirement, but known individual retirement accounts .. Change is to be the upper limit of stocks in the portfolio of open pension funds - current, amounting to 40 percent of fund assets for 2020 is to achieve 62% at the end 90% of that from 1 January 2012 is in force as provided by law prohibiting the acquisition of pension funds .. 1111111111 - Principles of suspending economic activity -

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