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The good and bad sides of state changes in the OFE

. Good and bad changes in the state pension fund primary objective of government changes in the pension fund is to encourage citizens to save for retirement

goal state changes in the pension fund is to encourage citizens to save for retirement Government Draft stipulates that the contribution of the OPF will be reduced by 68.5% - .. From 7.3 percent to 2.3 percent -., then will gradually increase until 2017, 3.5 percent. remaining contributions will go to a specific individual sub-accounts in Social Security. rules of inheritance money on a sub-account of the social security system will be the same as in the OPF. In addition, funds will be indexed at the rate of economic growth in the last 5 years, and inflation.
u good part of the reform OFE / u
What does this mean for the citizens of changes in OPF? Government considers that the pension system should be amended to limit the growth of public debt and deficits. to transfer money for Social Security means that now the government can do with their savings in what he wants. Today, two people are paying pension contributions for the benefit of one. With the reform, in a few years situation is to turn around and will be paid to provide one on one.
sentence after the reform of state pension funds is a good solution from the standpoint of all participants in these changes, retirees, and ends with the state budget and called. debt of all citizens who rosłoby while maintaining the status quo. But
OFE changes mostly affect young people who are just starting to work. People who are just now beginning to accumulate in the OPF, will receive more than half the pensions of those who were in the system since 1999. Lower premiums would retire from the OPF will be lower than their colleagues savings over 11 years of nearly one thousand per month. Current reform OFE shows that despite everything they need to take care of his retirement. Many of us do not realize, however, question the need to save. Especially young people should think about further protect its future. Saving so. Pillar III is not so popular. Missing all-weather additional incentives to save, such as tax relief. Young people can save the pension system by putting out a small amount, according to the rule - the sooner you will start to accumulate, the more uzbierają / em - says Anna Wroblewski-Karasiuk of Prego in Finance - Services allows comparison all 14 open pension funds online and save up to one of them -.

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