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Caring for the environment is in fashion

Caring for the environment is in vogue in the last 30 years saw many changes in the environmental sector in Europe.

In the last 30 years saw many changes in the environmental sector in Europe is about 90% lower nitrogen oxide emissions through the introduction of catalyst, most of the fuel was denied the lead, also eliminated chlorofluorocarbons - CFCs - which damages the ozone layer as statistics Poland in the last 10 years is a period of continuous decrease in the level of air pollution and surface water This result was achieved by reducing the production and modernization of environmental protection in plants particularly harmful to the environment - .. power plants, mines, smelter - .. Not only is this type of plants of each The struggle for ISO 14001 certification, he is enjoying increasing popularity among small and medium enterprises, whose activities have significantly less impact on the environment
U What is ISO 14001? / u
environmental management system for the identification and assessment of environmental aspects of its business impacts on the environment. Furthermore, this system allows us to adapt laws and rationalization of consumption of natural resources. ISO 14001 provides requirements and instructions for use, allow the company to develop and implement policies and objectives which take into account the legal requirements and information about significant environmental aspects. meets the standards is subject to certification. standard is intended for all organizations, regardless of their type and size. ISO 14001 certification is not only trustworthy and reliable partner, but also modern and competitive company.
ISO 14 001 only requires companies to commit to act in accordance with the requirements of law, prevent pollution and aiming for continuous improvement. Depending on the type of business the companies collected used toner, batteries, plastic bottles, waste paper, oil, wastes generated, etc. The key to effective implementation of the EMS is the correct interpretation of requirements and benefits of adopting solutions in terms of organization, which helps companies assess their chances of obtaining ISO 14001 certification
seafront / u
seafront business benefits. implementation of EMS / u
benefits that a company can realize from the implementation of environmental management:
socially responsible image of the organization, reducing pollution and waste, reducing disposal costs and fees for use of the environment, the greater the chance to win the contest and to enter into contracts; better image in the eyes of potential buyers and investors, the greater the likelihood of receiving grants under the EU funds, to organize a formal status - compliance with legal requirements, easier to get permits and approvals, cooperation and better relations and authority, emphasis on prevention rather than corrective action causes the reduction of environmental risk, thus reducing costs as a result of penalties and damages. / ul
u Which industries are introduced ISO 14001 / u

All, an environmental management system is not just for large companies., but also companies in the SME sector This type certificate is popular among companies in the industry: processing, electrical, automotive, tires, etc. For large companies that can boast to be certified , for example: Polish Oil Concern Orlen SA, Amica Wronki SA, TC Debica, OSM PIANC, and Power Tychy, OSRAM, betting famed SA, carpentry Wołomin SA, Huta Euroblacha SA, Stomil Sanok SA among small and medium businesses have ISO 14001 certification include: Fach SA in Cieszyn and Sawmill Witar Tyble Sp., Hydro-Plast Sp., Zinplast and polymers.
Although efforts to understand ISO 14001 certified companies in manufacturing, metallurgy and energy, it is difficult to imagine that on this certificate depends on the phone company or a health care team, and is among the companies with ISO 14001 certification, which is probably not podejrzewalibyśmy negative impact on the environment are not limited to: Specialized Health Care for Mother and Child - Protection. Health and social -, PTC Poland Sp z oo -. telecommunications -, Verbist Priests Printing - printing activity -, Geofizyka Krakow Sp Ltd -. Technical testing and analysis -. and brewery Dojlidy
u reward for caring for the environment / u
companies, particularly micro and small enterprises that are not yet ready to implement the EMS, and want a good picture, they can show their concern for the environment in other ways. It was built for them ecocertyfikaty eg Eco Certification for Environmental Protection. process

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