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Luggage insurance before traveling what do I know?

Baggage insurance before the trip

u the trip was entirely successful, you should consider insurance for luggage So, if you are planning a trip, no matter how long you need to protect the luggage from the consequences of accidents and random events, like theft, fire or earthquake. . / u
u luggage WHAT IS / u
According to insurance companies, luggage items of personal effects, which usually take the time they include:.
clothing and shoes, hygiene products, books, watches and sunglasses, as well as individual items are presented as gifts. / ul
These are things that are owned by the insured or in his possession. This means that they can be available for temporary use, with the tourist must have proof of their loans. Some insurers may also count on the protection of electronic equipment, it does not happen, but if you buy a basic version of the policy.
primary insurance, baggage insurance is protected from loss, destruction or damage as a result of: random events - such as fire, flood, earthquake, hail, hurricanes, lightning, avalanches, volcanic eruptions, falling aircraft dissolution or removal of soil, etc. -, salvage conducted in conjunction with these events, documented by robbery or burglary, theft, accident or disaster means of communication by land, sea or air, sudden illness or accident, which resulted in the tourist is not possible. safety of their luggage
u baggage will be subject to insurance if: / u
will be located directly below the welfare of tourists, will be entrusted to professional carrier traffic on the basis of the document will be opened upon receipt of your luggage will wish to remain in the closed shutter, individual locker at the station, hotel or airport port will be retained in the closed trunk of a car to the castle will be maintained in a closed zip caravan or cabin on the ship - it is an option available to some insurance company - / ul
seafront insurance will be covered include:. / u
money and securities, credit cards, savings bonds as well as tickets for public transport, documents and manuscripts, artifacts and collections, gold, silver and platinum bullion or waste, weapons and hunting trophies, swimming and skiing equipment, spare parts for cars and fuel items in the quantities indicated on the commercial, hardware, games, programs and data on all media, tents, etc. / ul
u IMPORTANT / u In the event of loss or theft of luggage, You should immediately inform the police or at least manage the hotel and get a confirmation notice that insurance companies often require that this document contains a detailed list of lost items, specifying the type, quantity and value -. a thorough investigation fees
u luggage insurance applies to enjoy vacation .. the best and reliable, however, self-protection precautions - do not leave your belongings unattended, especially in unfamiliar places / u.

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