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How to give a presentation, to be effective Not

How to give a presentation, to be effective before proceeding to prepare a presentation to ask yourself the following question: What do we really want to achieve and what we expect of our students want to win five new clients, provide specific information of interest to students or their ? problem

Before preparing presentations should ask yourself the following question: What do we really want to achieve and what we expect of our students want to win five new clients, provide specific information of interest to students and their problem u?. Br / u
u First, define the nature of our representation / u
topic u Assessment / u - to prepare a short presentation and a modest, non-negotiable; in a specific product for sale / u - This product should present and discuss the benefits our customers by being the same product in the case of the predominant product over others, show their uniqueness,. u interest in collaboration / u - presenting existing already working and ensure that we are open to new - remember who we are looking for, maybe the room is the future of our colleagues -; u interest in our problem, other people / u - in this case, be prepared for discussion, because we have to give Some background on the situation and problem we face is possible that someone from the audience will propose the ideal solution; .. seafront showcase successes / u - their own, individual, group of people all the achievements and overcome the difficulties discussed with joy and a smile on his face, / ul
If we know what we want to present, we select the appropriate slides and content to meet our goal
Before launch, first make sure everything is buttoned, namely, whether the necessary equipment. is in place - a table, screen, projector, etc. - and whether they intend to distribute materials that participants are willing - printed, packaged and delivered to the site -.
u when delivering presentations should remember that: / u
u speak from memory / u - do not read the slides word for word, just show some diagrams, graphs, images, and discuss them u speak clearly and understandably. / u - to adjust language and Standard presentations of the possibility of the audience in no hurry, and we saw the reaction of the audience, and if we see the tired faces, interrupted the presentation and give some examples of real life -. also in the form of anecdotes -. U Do not stand in one place / u - For example, if you want to change the point of view, we should go to another place, thus, give me a sign to change the view u modulated voice / u -. at the time thinking about something, we can stand in place and currently stop voting u Maintain eye contact with students / u - ... get rid of the shame and watch peoples eyes, so you build trust with a hard stare at the room confirms our nervous gestures u / u -. much information we can provide the body gestures, not words u control stress / u - do a little hand, should be an indicator or klikacz u know your presentation . / u -. just have to learn to know the order of slides, and can be easily carried u Ask rhetorical questions and answer them / u - thanks narzucimy own way of thinking and come to conclusions coincide with the order. presentation u ask the audience, at the beginning of the presentation, ask questions / u - in real time, if youre not sure - thats the way we maintain better contact with them and we will make sure that we will provide questions are fully understood.
u preparing a presentation, we must remember that most understandably and presented data that we can reach a large group of people. Every assimilate new knowledge in another way, one needs only the spoken word, others need the written word, animation, sounds, etc. - should be borne in mind / u.

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