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How to save on food

How to save on food u can save on food, but they have to do with the head

u ... You can save on food, but you have to do with the head of Buying promotional products in the offer or continuously after is not the best solution so advise how to eat well and not spend a fortune / U
u is to change eating habits and thinking. / u should stop eating in restaurants and fast food outlets. eaten kebab in town or order pizza in the house should be very sporadically associated with the cost of entertainment, rather than every day. communities definitely come out cheaper if the meal will be prepared at home on his own city should always have with them a small snack, such as:. fruit - can deaden hunger, survive until you return home and do not use a set of dining room. This approach not only podreperuje family budget, and health.
u Do not buy ready-cooked meals. / u There are plenty of supermarkets, but more profitable to prepare dinner yourself. good idea to get supplies into plastic containers for food storage - preferably one that can be put in the microwave - and taking the work a day before meals prepared at home -. course, if he likes to eat meals at work So you can save with a healthy diet . br u not need to buy an inferior products / u Often it is more expensive, despite the appearance, may be advantageous for the family budget buying such as: .. branded ketchup or mustard, you can be sure that the product will be more effective than low quality - .. Content cheapen the contrary May be the case with dairy products or juice you need to walk a little and read the label, it can really prove that the composition, about half a cheaper, yogurt or cheese - less well known brand - is similar or even same as in the case of branded goods It makes no sense if you overpay the difference relates only to look better to buy a package of meat weight and the amount such that you can eat, for example over the weekend or the week ... buying them in slices, in a plastic bag is more expensive because you pay for unnecessary packaging.
u Do not waste food. / u buy multiple products at once, especially with a short shelf life, good idea, unless there is a possibility of freezing, it may happen that do not have enough time to carry, and then you have to throw them Stocks do in case of pasta, flour, cereal and rice -. worth it to buy these products in large packages and concern. This includes food, canned and processed -. have long maturities and to have them always at hand food left over from dinner can be successfully reused, for example, prepare dinner, or leave the next day - with potato dumplings can be done even if the -.
seafront planning purchases worth bearing in mind these tips: / u
should prepare a detailed list of products needed, how to add more or less all costs and take enough money with you - of course, be more beneficial if the price rises - before going to the store thats worth eating - a lot harder to resist the delights that lie the shelves are hungry, shop purchases should be made of an existing list, most do not see things that you do not need, on store shelves, at eye level are usually assigned the most expensive products - not necessarily the best - while less expensive - it is worth remembering, for any promotional purposes, should be approached from a distance It is worth checking how much the product costs without discount and then decide. can buy - you can not let themselves be manipulated chwytom clever marketing, you need to compare offers of different stores, only then will we know where they are really cheap products / ul.

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