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How to fill out the form CEIDG1

How to fill out the form CEIDG-1 u From July 1, 2011 the new Law on freedom of economic activity and new forms CEIDG-1 Application for registration of a natural person.

u From July 1, 2011 the new provisions on freedom of economic activity and new forms CEIDG-1 Application for registration of individual business / U
b . The following statement applies the fulfillment of the requirements for entry into CEIDG / u / b application in paper form should be completed by computer, the computer or pen - a clear case, without amendment and deletion - ... If necessary, request for correction must fill out a special form of amendments CEIDG applications can also be completed electronically on ~ ~ escape
u applications CEIDG-1 at the same time : / u
requirement for entry into the official national register of economic entities - Company -, identification or upgrade program at the customs house - NIP - a statement by choosing a form of income tax from natural persons, the declaration or change the payer of contributions for social security, the statement on social insurance for farmers continues. / ul
u request to enter into new business CEIDG / u
business CEIDG data entered into the open and public, available through the web http:// . / ~ ~ escape All dates should be given in the form YYYY-MM-DD -. in accordance with ISO 8601 -.
markets and fields, whose fulfillment is necessary for the implementation of the application form are marked with an asterisk - * - If necessary, must also meet the appropriate boxes and in other parts of the proposal
Box 01 - Type of application - can be an indicator of the field at the same time if necessary: ​​1 and 3 - Review and Suspension -, 2 and 3 - Changes to the suspension - 2 and 4 - change and update - 2 and 5 - change and delete -, 4 and 5 - renewal and cancellation -.
Box 02 -. Place and date of submission - completed by the municipal office where the requested market and the fields are filled according to the type of application submitted
u markets and fields to be entered in CEIDG: / u
. ul business entrepreneur, and his short name of your Social Security number, If someone has a date of birth identification number of the Companys merchant business, if someone has a tax identification number if one has, the citizenship of Polish entrepreneurs, provided that such a nationality and other businesses, marking the place of residence and business address, delivery address for the company and address where business is conducted, including the address of the principal place of his execution and branch if it is created, an e-mail address of the trader and his Web site, if and as such has reported data in the application for registration in CEIDG, date of commencement of commercial activities Each entity activities, according to Polish Classification of Activities - PKD -; information about the existence or non-marital community property, the tax identification number and the number of civil partnership, if a trader has entered into a contract such companies. / ul
u proposal for change registration in the register of economic activities / u
to report changes in your list in this category should CEIDG 01 - Type of application - select another display field or fields, where the change relates to the following by placing X in the square on the left name of the column / field is not possible to report changes in the area of ​​03.3 -. Social Security -, 4.3 - NIP - 5.3 and - The Company -. Possible adjustments can be made only by agencies that have provided these numbers
two parts 01, indicate the date creating change entrepreneur shall apply for change of registration within 7 days of data changes ... br In the event that the company should be the name of the column 26 indicates a change in tick and fill in the field. 26.1 and 26 , 2 and 26.5 square mark indicates no change marks the square just in case notification to change the date of
u. Proposal for the suspension of a declaration on the establishment / u
should complete boxes and boxes of: 01.03 and 03.03 and 3.4 and 3.5 and 3.6 and 7.3, and 3:13, 04, 05, 07, 10, 11.1-3, 06 - only the company name -, 14 and 26 In the case of strangers additional titles. 1.3 - I am a stranger in ... - and 3.2 - Details of evidence of alien status -
u draft declaration continuing operations / u
should complete boxes and boxes: 01.4 and 03.3 and 03.04 and 05.03 and 03.06 and 03.07 and 03:12 and 03:13 and 03:14 , 04, 05 - if different from 04 -, 06 - just to name a company -, 07, 12, 15:26
u proposal for the termination of business / u
should complete boxes and boxes: 1.5 and 03.3 and 4.3, 03.5, 03.6, 03.7, 03.13, 06 - only the company name -, 7:16
u detailed description of the charge in different areas and fields / u 3.1 Home - please mark X or Female or male state This field is required to apply for enrollment in the new firm CEIDG
03.2 - housewife. Mark with X the type of document, given the range and number of this Field is required to sign CEIDG to enter into a new entrepreneur
03.3, 03.4, 03.5 - numbers: .. Social security, VAT and company should be given, unless the proposal, as the sign of x or lack of such a number Fill each box is required for application for registration or amendment CEIDG
03.06 and 07.03 and 03:10 and 03:11 and 03:12 and 3:13 -. filling in each field is required to apply for entry into the new entrepreneur CEIDG
03.14 -. give our citizenship, in the case of Polish citizenship, click x; individuals without citizenship is missing or not
03:15 - Statements contained in this area relates to the final judgments which are not deleted and the current prohibition of variables, predicates .. administrative decision by the Filing Statement confirms - Mark X box, so that statement - a condition for the proper implementation of No statement or negative declaration -. mark X box does not make a statement - result in the proposal is considered invalid and without entering into CEIDG.
04 - Indicate the actual address of residence - in Poland and abroad. - In the unusual case of a complete 11th frame for filling the entire column is required to apply for entry into the new entrepreneur CEIDG If your country of residence to Poland. fill in the field. 04.01 and 2.4 and 4.3 and 4.4 and 5.4 and 4.7 and 4.9
05 - Enter the address of the residence there is no entry application as a means of permanent address is the address indicated in box 04th If no address check mark the appropriate box with an X. If the application resides , fill in the following areas: 1.5 and 2.5 and 5.3 and 5.4 and 5.6 and 8.5
06 - should give businesses the company, the name under which jobs will be filled with all ... The field is required to apply for entry into the new entrepreneur CEIDG
06.1 - .. Enter the number of employed people who work provides income in the form of wages or income, regardless of the place and its duration are employed.: persons employed on the basis of employment - Employers or owners of units engaged activity - to help family members - and the self-employed - those involved in managing the farm or self-employed self-employed, no employees - and. outworkers
06.2 -. enter the number of employees includes persons employed on the basis of employment
06.3 -. fill in this field should be used with the Polish Classification of Activities - NKD 2007 -. indication of the type of activity is a prerequisite for the proper implementation of the application can specify only those NACE codes relating to economic activity in terms of the Freedom of economic activity and include activities that can perform individual
07 - .. given the abbreviated name of the company. All fields are required to apply for enrollment in CEIDG if you change an entry, suspend, resume, and delete business
08 - enter the actual .. date of commencement of business This can not be earlier than the date of application CEIDG-1. entrepreneur has the right to determine their activity later than the date of application field is required to apply for entry into the new entrepreneur CEIDG
09 - ... give your contact is volunteered to manage them, e-mail address and web page web site will be posted on the website CEIDG and will be widely available. Administration e-mail address you agree that the address information on the status of the application and enrollment in CEIDG trader. If company does or does not want to give this address, you should put a sign To be completed as discussed in box 6.1.
11.5 - the estimated number of employees. To be completed as discussed in box 2.6.
11.6 - start date of operations. Data can not be earlier than the date specified in section 08 application for registration, in case existing entries CEIDG up earlier than the date of commencement of the activities listed in the entry.
11.7 - balancing the body itself. It should be completed in accordance with the facts.
11.8 - Types of activities performed at that location. To be completed as discussed in box 6.3. I can select the type of activity codes declared earlier in 6.3.
12 - the date the obligation to pay insurance premiums. This applies only to contributions that need to collect ZUS. This is the date actually starts doing business. Companies do not employ other people and has a certificate of insurance in another state, record the activity should be completed within 12 - Social security - and later at the appropriate unit of ZUS be filled with a certificate indicating the A1 insurance in another country - only certificate is not the basis for the application on social security payment.
13 - data for KRUS. This applies only to farmers - family farms - who intend to be subject to social insurance for farmers, and implementing non-agricultural activities, or are no longer subject to this security during the conduct of such activities. This field meets a farmer - a family member - a farmer who
I. Taking the non-agricultural activities simultaneously satisfies the following conditions:
subject to social insurance of farmers in the full extent of the law for at least 3 years and continues to farm and are constantly working on the farm larger than 1 ha, or in a separate part and it is not also an employee, not in relation to services, there is no established right to a pension or social security benefits in case of non-agricultural activities in the last fiscal year, the value added tax and business does not exceed the legal limit fixed amount; / ul
II. Requirements to: changing input, for information on termination or continuation of business, cancellation of registration - Report information about the cessation of business -.
farmers - family farmers - who declares the suspension of non-agricultural activities or the completion, specify under 13th only the field name KRUS perform their jobs.
People who are in the past year did not carry on non-agricultural activities and not cooperating with her in the drive, do not fill the position: 13.1.4-6, 13.2. Other people fill the corresponding entries of this column, insert the appropriate box X.
14-16 - Suspension, termination and re-actions. To be completed for applications associated with suspension and the establishment of businesses. Market refers to the business entrepreneur. The suspension of work in commercial companies should be reported in box 26, and perhaps partly CEIDG-SC. In the 16th, enter the date on which the activity is not carried out.
17 - Information naczelnikach tax authorities to the applicant in the register of taxpayers and tax. If you change the tax office, which stems from a change in jurisdiction in matters of tax records, must also receive adequate information about the manager before. 17.1.1 Fields. is required to apply for entry into CEIDG new entrepreneur.
18-19 - Statement on the choice of a personal income tax form and deposit. Preference should be given together with a request for the first entry in CEIDG. If you choose a tax card, the application shall be accompanied by a notice PIT-16. Changing the form of taxation during their operation is possible in terms of tax regulations. Fill the two fields is required to apply for entry into CEIDG new entrepreneur.
20-22 - should be completed if the accounting records are not implemented in the home. The name and tax identification number and the operator records indicate his place of storage. If the address is the same as the address stated in one of the heads 04, 05, 10, 11 - simply the number of rows. If this is a different address, please provide it in accordance with the rules for entering the address, analogous to 11th Department of column 20 is filled with everyone, no matter who keeps records.
23-25 ​​- specific types of business. It should be noted when applicable.
26 - enter the NIP and the Company of all civil partnerships in which the applicant has a partner. If the company has more than one, the other should be listed on the form CEIDG-SC. Civil partnerships are not separate companies. In the event of termination of activities in the form of partnership, please provide relevant information on the suspension of those activities.
27 - should be completed if the applicant is associated with a spouse joint property, and if this community stopped during their activities - separate property -.
28 - List all bank accounts associated with the activity - and still partly CEIDG-RB -. If you have multiple accounts, a part of 28.1-1 CEIDG give a tax receipt and indicate such a purpose. You can specify an account in a cooperative savings and credit banks. Information about personal bank account is not required. Designated account will be possible overpayment of tax returns. You can specify only the law, who is the owner or co-owner.
u on each account should include: / u
country office bank, the full name of bank, account holder name and account number. / Ul
29 - to be completed if the contractor has received the Polish border for a tax identification number or social security.
30 - you can fill the first January 2012. For CEIDG agents may enter only been established in accordance with special regulations - for example, the Civil Code - and in the manner prescribed by these rules. The indicator agent in applying the same to his creation. Agent data - except for your social security number and address - will be available on the website CEIDG. If the applicant has appointed more than one representative, information on the above can apply using the forms CEIDG-PN.
31 - Enter the number of individual documents, or attached to the application. If it is necessary to form CEIDG-1 must be accompanied by a completed part: CEIDG-RB, RD-CEIDG, CEIDG-MW, and SC-CEIDG CEIDG-PN - after 1 January 2012 -. In the case of a request by an agent or attorney. If an attorney guardian, the court order must be accompanied by the appointment. The completed application must be signed.

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