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What CEIDG or their own business over the Internet


u From July 2011 to register your business on the Internet this would-be entrepreneurs can establish a central record and data on economic activity - CEIDG -. Purpose idea is to allow the recording of activity in electronic form - everything but introduced the so-called. one-stop shop. / u
entrepreneur fills so. integrated application and submit it online. Registration is immediate. Simultaneously with the filing CEIDG-1, the system automatically transfers data. ZUS / Kruse, CSO and income
u CEIDG tasks / u Accounting
entrepreneurs - individuals .. The exchange of information on companies and other entities to the extent described in the Act to provide access to data, providing charging information of the Central National Court Register. Let us set date and extent of change in CEIDG entries and introducing them into the body.
December 31, 2011 registration authority in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčregistration shall not be CEIDG mayor or the mayor. application for enrollment in CEIDG, submitted via the Internet should bear: an electronic signature verified by qualified certificate profile or signature confirmed ePUAP trusted applications can be signed or otherwise accepted by the system CEIDG, allowing clear identification of the applicant and the time of application
If the application is properly completed, the applicant .. receive confirmation via e-mail submission. In case of error, the applicant will be notified of unsuccessful attempts to register or summoned to the office to make a correction.
u CEIDG Form-1 / u
individual plans to stimulate economic activity , report it to the application CEIDG-1 - 1 July 2011 - an integral part of the form is requested.
enter or modify entries in the national register of economic entities - registration number -; Registration Statement or upgrade payers or payer - tax code -; statement on the selection by the operator of the form of income tax from natural persons or requirements for taxation in the form of tax cards, register or change a taxpayer contribution of social security or a statement on further actions Social Security farmers - Kruse -. At the same time as before, the application of the insured person - including leading activities - social security or health insurance, regardless of the application CEIDG-1, in the form of Social Security Extensions application / ZUS ZZA directly to social insurance .. / ul
u CEIDG Data Access / u
information provided by the system are open to all CEIDG provides data - with the exception of your Social Security number and address, if you just like places of business -. for entrepreneurs who are natural persons information about the company and completion activities, CEIDG available immediately -. within 3 working days from the date of its entry access to enterprise information can be accessed via a web browser page and through the platform of choice ePUAP
u tax / u
From 1 July 2011, businesses -. natural persons - Company Formation, CEIDG can make a statement on the tax form - it is a possibility, not a business it is the obligation of taxpayers income tax on individuals and collections of taxpayers under the flat rate income tax on some incomes of natural persons Taxpayers who have not presented any kind of business that .. CEIDG can apply existing laws or tax administration

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