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How to save einvoicing

How to save email accounts u all accounts, electronics should be backed by the initiator and the recipient in its original form

u All accounts, electronics should be backed by the initiator and the recipient in its original form / U b
store email account shall be the following conditions: / b

origin authenticity, integrity of content, easy to find a readable account of the issue date until the date the tax liability limit, instant access accounts, tax authorities and tax inspectorate on demand / ul
E-invoices must be stored in allocation period -. both exhibitors and consumers should be appropriate directory structure Set the physical location of the server are stored email accounts can be arbitrary, but when each is entitled to services must have access to it. To ensure the security of data stored the electronic media, companies need to develop and implement procedures for creating, checking, backup and recovery. In the case of server failure, you can restore the data.
b responsibility of the taxpayer is: / b allows
tax authorities fiscal surveillance and immediate, full and continuous access to online accounts, allowing a documented collection and use of email accounts by these bodies, such as access to a computer, internet and software necessary for electronic invoicing, allowing readability of email accounts, ie: access to a computer with the software necessary to read the electronic data provided to those authorities with information about the authenticity and integrity of the contents of each invoice sent in electronic form, eg. information about certificates / ul
b taxpayer should be stored : / b
statement of acceptance by the recipients account to receive invoices electronically evidence to fulfill the obligations of information and notification to the tax office and customs house, the evidence for the existence of formal or technical obstacles to improved account electronically in a situation where the e-invoices issued securities account. / ul
u Compliance with these conditions should also be possible for people to apply a full accounting for computer / u
u In this case , data protection should be based on. / u
resistant threats using data carriers;, the choice of appropriate measures to protect the outside, creating a systematic backup of data sets stored on data carriers, depending on the sustainability of accounting for recording information for not less than required to account, ensuring the protection of computer programs and accounting information systems, through application of appropriate software solutions and organizational measures to protect against unauthorized access or destruction. / ul
keeping email accounts You can also hire a third party, subject to the provisions relating to the proper accounting.
u can be stored electronic bills outside the country, depending on the tax authorities or tax inspection authority, electronically, access to these documents / u
u legal basis. / u
Minister of Finance on December 17, 2010 transfer of accounts in electronic form, the rules for storing and making available to the tax authorities or tax inspection authorities -. OJ No. 249, item 1661 -.

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