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How to appeal against decisions on social security

How to appeal against the decision of Social Security seafront decisions ZUS in pension matters, as well as in relation to the cash social security benefits for sickness and maternity benefits, usually ending the prosecution of cases

Opatija road ZUS decisions in pension matters, as well as in relation to the cash social security benefits for sickness and maternity benefits, usually ending the prosecution of the case if the content is a result of the decision are not responsible, we can cause and exercise their rights in court / u
b court may refer the question: a / b
establish a right to retirement pension, disability pension for work, survivors pension, the amount of such compensation, sick leave, maternity, caring, expansion, rehabilitation allowance, funeral allowance, compensation for injuries or occupational diseases and accidents on the way to or from work. / ul
Moreover, we can appeal if a decision is made within 2 months from the date of application for compensation or other claims. diagnosis case takes place in the county or district court of Labour and Social Security.
.. some cases, a medical expert judgment of ZUS declaration of inability to work is one of the criteria for obtaining disability pensions or rehabilitation benefits
In cases requiring a medical examination, apply a slightly different procedure must first object to a medical commission. - within 14 days of delivery solutions -. people through social security, adequate for a place in which we live is the only issue on the basis of judgment of the medical board, ZUS decision to give or refuse to give, we have the right to appeal court . br
b date and contents of appeal / b Decisions on Social Security
contain instructions for the time and procedures for filing complaints the output document should be read carefully and follow the appeal in writing, we bring .. - Therefore, we must choose: a personal contact with the bank, phone or online. Today, most bank accounts has all kinds of approaches. Direct contact with the consultant was so good that it often helps to quickly resolve the problem. The law restricts the ability of the physical site arrangement with the bank. The attractiveness of the account shows the number of bank branches, and the time effect on the market.
u Transaction Security / u
Bank in terms of safety is applied very high standards, especially when it comes to the Internet or telephone access to your account. We must rethink the way the authorization of transactions through these channels. Choices are: authentication via SMS, using tokens or one-time codes. All three types of authentication are very safe.
u table fee / u
There are many benefits associated with having a bank account, the most important are:
account fees, fees for making transfers, the fee for using the card, charge account statements. / Ul
the table of fees and commission from the bank did not surprise us, it should be explored thoroughly. Some banks, such as a fee for approval of payments via SMS or checking account balance at an ATM. If you travel around the country, we can make a big purchase and pay cash or just have a frequent need to use an ATM, you should check the costs associated with payment of money, especially at ATMs that do not fall into our bank. Fees associated with these operations can be very high. The right to interfere in your account for fees and commissions, will allow us to save even a few dozen gold every month.
u Other products / u
All banks were invited. Cross-selling - cross-sell banking products. Fees associated with the account management can be reduced if, for example: whether to buy an additional credit card or medical package, or choose to deposit or credit account.
Another important factor is the friendliness of the transaction. Ease of operation, after you log into the banking system, a big plus for the bank.
u After reviewing the banks offer, you should consult your bank and set their expectations. Advisor should offer optimal customized to our needs. Before signing the contract, be thoroughly familiar with its contents. / U

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