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How to create an accountant ?

How to create an accountant b service behavior of the book, the meaning of the provisions, economic activity is: / b run

b service behavior of the book, the meaning of the provisions, economic activity is: / b
run - on the basis of accounting documents, accounting books - events in chronological order and systematically, from time to time determine or by checking the list of assets and liabilities, financial statements, collection and storage of accounting documents and other documents that the law, behavior - in behalf of taxpayers, payers and collectors - the tax books and other records for tax purposes and to assist in this terms, drawing - in behalf of taxpayers, payers and collectors -. tax returns or provide assistance in this regard / ul b
service activities in the field of accounting is concerned with: / b Individuals have the right to do so without legal companies and partners in a partnership, if: activities related to the activity carried out at least one of the partners - the power to perform services. accounts - or entrust such activities to eligible employees of legal persons and not on the list above, if the performance of activities associated with the activities assigned to employees authorized to do so
activities in the field of accounting may be performed by persons who confirm the ... accountants and persons who are registered as auditors or tax advisers
b accountant certificate may be person who meets one of the following conditions: / b
three years training in accounting and a higher level of profit in the direction of accounting, or other economic direction of the field of accounting or otherwise, for which a plan of study and training program meet the requirements prescribed by the university for special accounts, organizational units authorized, in accordance with special regulations, grant the degree of doctor of economic performance, three years of education in accounting and a higher degree or equivalent in a direction other than accounting and completed graduate studies in accounting for the organizational unit responsible in accordance with special regulations, grant the degree of doctor of economic sciences, two years of practice in accounting education at least. medium, as well as positively passed the qualification exam / ul
u To Chartered Accountants, which will be submitted to Accounting Ministry of Finance, the following documents: / u
request, evidence of formal education, the documents proving the practice of accounting, information from the National Criminal Register of good behavior / ul
b performance of accounting services, the impact of the following factors . / b 1 u
. Room / u - can customize your home office must either own or rented premises the best place for an accounting office in the city center or places with heavy traffic, but if it can not -. only visible sign to customers without major problems are sent to the address listed
u second ad / u -. should be included as an ad in the local press, make the e-mail or telemarketing But no one for better advertising than satisfied with the quality. - services. customers definitely recommend your office to a friend who might make the next buyer pays to prepare flyers and leave them in the branch of social security, tax administration, municipal offices, etc.
third seafront site / u. - you can put on it like:. information about our services, prices, hours and location map - the data must be kept up to date - any input on the agency web site is an opportunity to acquire new customers
. b Responsibility Office / b leading operators and service accounts must contract insurance against liability for damages incurred in connection with the business. Compulsory insurance of civil liability incurred no later than the day before the date of commencement of business. insurance does not cover damage which includes damage, destruction or loss of property caused by the insured - spouse or other close family members, as well as damage caused by the insured after a loss of power to account - unless the damage results from operations compared to the loss of these - OC. powers and does not include damages in respect of payment of penalties and consequences of war, martial law, riots, riots and terrorist attacks

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