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How to improve credit

How to improve credit u For many people, taking out a loan is the only solution is to buy a new TV, car or house

u For many people, taking out a loan is the only solution is to buy a new TV, car or apartment, the most important item to be taken into account by the bank, the debt capacity you can get better, knowing that in this process. . review of credit, financial institutions, estimates that revenues and all obligations of the borrower / u
b To improve credit rating, you should. / b 1 u
. prove the stability of revenue / u
banks are the most reliable person employed under a contract of employment. at higher risk borrowers are employed on state contract, but they are not doomed to failure from the place. If you work in this way a long time and can prove the stability of income, the bank will take it into account. In the case of micro-businesses, financial institutions consider the annual income.
u second arrange loans / u
repay consumer credit, keep in mind that banks treat their monthly payment burden as a permanent home budget, unless the loan is repaid the last war for several years -. then the financial institution may turn a blind eye on them if you want a mortgage, so try to refrain from buying a TV, washing machine or car rental
in distribution of third loan / u
more term of the loan, more interest to pay - .. This rule applies to all types of loans, but thanks, you can reduce monthly payments and apply for more money. there is nothing to prevent such a loan to pay off earlier, for example, after receiving additional funds.
u fourth Close your credit card limit is to reduce the current account / u
If the card is not required, you should submit it to the the bank. Even occasional use of it, will not affect the credit rating and limit rights. Banks face due to the assumption that at any point you can use the card and the borrow. another credit Same goes for the border in the RNR - We think that reducing
in get a fifth Borrower / u
can take out a mortgage loan at the bank, for example, together with their parents they will not .. They went to KW as property owners, but the bank will provide additional protection. deciding on such a solution, But you must take into account their age, which can reduce the maximum loan maturity. Współkredytobiorcą also be a brother or sister.
u sixth Find additional security for a loan / u
Family members also may agree to their apartment / house collateral mortgages. in this way, you can take a bigger loan and negotiate better terms, such as interest rate, margin or cost okołokredytowe
u 7 Select the same rate, instead of reducing / u
rate equal to the mean higher borrowing costs, but they are more favorable for the calculation of capacity, however, the reduction of meal, .. first period of the loan are much higher and it is those first months in the bank will take into account when calculating the credit.
u eighth Select currency loans / u For
borrow mortgage loan in foreign currency, credit must be shown a 20% higher than for the same loan in pounds. tightening their credit standards in foreign currencies, which banks will formally or informally more critically assess the creditworthiness of the case.
u 9th Provide a good story in BIK / u
BIK collects data on loans repayable time. So its time to take the time to get a small loan and return to time to improve your credit score. lack of any history, as opposed to appearances, it may be too well received by the bank before entering into a mortgage, it is worth checking whether the bull is current, and if not - to improve them ..
u 10 Select Bank, which includes bonuses, commissions / u
If most of the wages paid in the form of bonuses or commissions, consider choosing a financial institution that can easily be taken into account this element in assessing compensation credit.

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