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Adjustment of annual tax return how to do it

Adjustment of annual tax return

u taxpayer, the taxpayer, the collector - each person can correct previously filed a written declaration submitted to the correction, along with an explanation goal is to improve the debugging, you can refer to each item declarations., Unless otherwise specified . / u
If corrective statements showed a higher amount of tax payable in a statement originally, when adjustments have to pay taxes plus interest for late payment. You can set up at the end of the tax liability limitation - for 5 years after the end of calendar year where is the deadline to pay taxes
can also submit a corrective statement in order to transfer 1 percent indicated in the Declaration or correction -. public charities.
provided that:
tax return filed within the period, the correction statement is Within one month after completion of tax returns filed, and that is, May 31, 2012 -; tax paid the full amount of tax liability as a basis to calculate the amount will be transferred to the selected charities, but no later than two months from the date of submission annual tax return - in whole or in part, of which the taxpayer decides to donate 1% for good reason -. / ul
declarations submitted electronically, the taxpayer does not have to send the correction in the same form. statement of correction may be sent mail or deliver in person at the customs office.
Not all errors can be corrected statement of correction. taxpayer who filed after the deadline for filing an application for preferential tax treatment for joint taxation of married couples and single parents, has no right to use this method of taxation. you can do the statement only to 30 April in the year following the tax year.
power to correct the statement. It was suspended for the duration of the tax treatment or tax audit - in an investigation or inspection of a residue after the tax audit or tax treatment - the extent in which the decision fixing the amount of tax liability. burial
correction is allowed, while in the area in which the control is not carried out a taxpayer may at any time to correct the testimony, which have benefited from the relief available to him
seafront legal foundation.

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