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How to write and complain to the bank

How to write a complaint with the bank u That is, the complaint will be referred to often depends on the goodwill of financial institutions

u That is, the complaint will be referred to often depends on the goodwill of Financial Institutions Problems can arise at the stage of writing the application Here are the tips on how to file a complaint to the bank / U. ..
Before writing a complaint, you should consider how it relates and, if you can resolve the matter without wystosowywania. To check the validity of the complaint, please re-visit the agreement concluded with the bank and a table of fees and commissions. Bank does not consider the merits of the complaint if it finds that the fault lies with the buyer.
financial institutions, most often heard complaints about incorrect charges, fees or received poor coverage reaching the deadline. customers also tout the work of the ATM card.
law does not specify the period within which the bank must consider the appeal. therefore is very different. If the rules selected bank has no time limit for resolving disputes, the customer can define yourself.
complaint may be submitted to the bank printed or written statements only decide on this option, the application should ask for confirmation -. letter can also be sent by registered mail -. Do not complain via phone lines or e-mail, and if only minor damage. the bank
u complaint should contain the following customer information. / u
your name, address and postal / ul
bank should determine whom to complain, pointing to his name and address of the branch
letter should contain a specific request and the reasons for the dispute and the value of supplements can be any suggestion that evidence of the appeal must be filed as soon as possible after the discovery of irregularities - ... no later than 14 days.
If the bank does not respond within a maximum time limit or will not recognize claims, you may file a complaint with Consumer Arbitration Banking Polish Bank Association. appeal should include data such as request and proof of completion of an investigation into a customer complaint or bank statement that within 30 days he got an answer from the bank.
Banking arbitrator within two weeks of receipt of the complaint, the bank requires an explanation, and after a diagnosis of the case make the relevant decisions. If you consider the right buyer, the bank within two weeks must meet the requirement. You can also appeal to the arbitration court of the Financial Supervisory Commission, but you must remember that the FSA consider the case only with the consent of the bank.
If the client decides to bank rules is unfair, you may complain to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. And when all the activities do not help, and the client will still feel unsatisfied, may refer the matter to the Court of Session. Before that happens, you have to think hard about whether to take such measures will actually be is true.

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