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How to abort

How to abort. Before you decide to do and wonder how an abortion, think about all this

Before you opt for it and wonder how an abortion, think about all this. Why do you want to do? Are you aware that such a kill a being? Do you not recommend abortion, but if you have already firm resolve and somehow you have to do, in this article we will describe some of the methods that you can abort and some ancillary things that go with it.
abortion can occur spontaneously and can be done and drugs or any otherwise.
abortion Spontaneous abortion. It happens before 28 weeks of pregnancy and occurs as a result of an experienced trauma or other natural factors. risk of spontaneous abortion was higher in those women who have had similar problems or those aged 35-40 years. surgery Abortion - is usually done by 10 weeks of pregnancy at the request of pregnant women. pregnant woman is one who has full power to decide if it is older than 16 years. In addition, please note and the gynecologist is not required to agree to an abortion for any reason. Be careful if you decide to choose such a move and a very reliable and proven clinic that has a professional staff. Prices vary a lot from state to private institutions, and typically range from 50 euros up to some 200-300 euros.
If the pregnancy is over 10 weeks, usually form a committee of two physicians and social workers who will consider all the circumstances and decide what will work. Traditional - instrumental - access to cervical dilatation. This method of artificial fertilization interruption is still the most common. chemical or pharmacological abortion. This type of artificial interruption of pregnancy is becoming increasingly popular. If necessary, you can combine these two methods, and that is most convenient to work in those women that have never given birth. Abortion local anesthesia. Abortion is possible in the short-sedoanalgeziji or local anesthesia. decide on the selection of anesthetic pregnant women, a gynecologist, an anesthetist, but unfortunately the material factors. Preparing patients for abortion involves abstinence from food and drink for 5 hours , shaving, written information about blood group and the group of vaginal secretions. abortion drugs. This method is popular pills for the day after. In our market, but now there are several manufacturers of these pills and be sure you ask good that you can buy in your environment and how to drink. Some are taken two at 24 hours, and some can drink only once. For these pills to take effect and counteracting the beginning of pregnancy, must be taken not later than 72 hours after intercourse. Keep in mind that this method not 100% reliable. Complications and side effects when abortions can be numerous and depend on many factors, of which one of the most important age of the pregnancy, and she is the younger the better the chances that everything goes smoothly.

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