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How to sleep

How to fall asleep. Do you have problems with insomnia and want to learn how to fall asleep quickly and easily? This article is for you

you have problems with insomnia and want to learn how to fall asleep quickly and easily? This article is for you. Most doctors advise that for the normal functioning of the human body needed at least 6-7 hours of sleep, and ideally on 8 Below we will give you simple tips that will help you to have better sleep. 1 - Do not drink beverages with caffeine. Here we mean the coffee and energy drinks, but everything else was in itself has a certain amount of caffeine. Caffeine is a killer of small and peaceful sleep, because you can be kept awake for hours and hours. So it several hours before bedtime, avoid. 2 - Remove all thoughts and concerns from the head, and focus only on that you want to sleep. Various dilemmas and ambiguities can not wait, and nothing will be achieved if persistently going round these things in my head, because at that point they can not fix anyway. what you can to prepare yourself for a nice and peaceful sleep that will help you to wake up the next day rested and naspavan and also full of enthusiasm to the problems that tortured slowly start solving. 3 - The ideal temperature for sleeping. In many studies the ideal temperature for sleeping is 18 degrees Fahrenheit. But certainly hold in the range of 16 to 20 degrees as this will create better conditions to quickly fall asleep. 4 - Silence in the bedroom or a light sound. I personally know that there are people who do not want any sound when they go to sleep, but there are also those who Muzikica without light or a radio station can not sleep. So well know yourself and decide what you prefer . If you like tranquility and helps you fall asleep more easily and quickly, then turn off all devices. And if youre still one of those who prefer a light sound, then before bed put on some quiet relaxing music that will slowly introduce you to sleep. 5 - Take your ideal sleeping position. Here are a lot of different people, and someone best suited to sleeping on his stomach, sideways to someone, and someone on the back. You certainly choose the sleeping position that works best for you. 6 - For cold feet. Studies have shown people fall asleep more easily if their feet more optimal temperature. So feel free to pull the socks and so lie in bed, because you will give your body signals that created the ideal temperature for sleep. 7 - Have patience and constantly focus on it only to fall into dreams. Practice this night after night and you will slowly faster and faster thrive to sleep, and future job be rested and full of enthusiasm.

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