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How to leave a cigarette

To leave the cigarettes. In our country, according to recent statistics, more than half of men and one third of women are addicted to tobacco

In our country, according to recent statistics, more than half of men and one third of women are addicted to tobacco. Many are wondering how to leave smoking. One of the scourge of so-called new age has just tobacco, which harms both smokers and their environment. new laws, which prescribe severe penalties for smokers, the government has decided to go in the fight against this vice. However, our fight against tobacco we take ourselves, our own force of will and character. First of all, it is necessary to set priorities in life. In Do we really want a lifetime to walk the yellow teeth and nails, grayish complexion, bad smell in your hair and clothes, or to be healthy, beautiful and above all, we no longer have a need for a cigarette?
To leave cigarettes
The unexpected decision. best decisions in life are often made on the shortcut. Cut, and say to yourself, tomorrow I will not smoke. Prove that you are the character, no matter how many years experience you behind. crisis of abstinence. As with any addiction, and here kriziranja period occurs because is not easy to suddenly stop and organism from something to which he used for many years. But istrajte. If you are affected by the crisis, have a glass of water, chew gum, take a cube of chocolate and peppermint are snabdejte, which will literally kill the desire for nicotine. Nicotinic alternative. If youve finally made the decision, but the nicotine abstinence you do not really go out of hand, and you are not just hot enough candy, buy nicotine patches, and use them as directed. the . The biggest misconception, and the biggest excuse not to give up tobacco. It is true that our appetite a little bit more, because the body is still recovering and releases the nicotine, so we need extra energy. But will someone gain weight or not, if you quit smoking, are more dependent on his will power and mind, and habits. support environment. most important item after the decision. True, it is not easy just to osloboti cigarettes, either secondarily, whether directly. There is a chance that after decision to stop smoking, you find yourself in the company of smokers. You can be tempted, however, do not afford. Repeat to yourself the reasons why you decided to quit, and be persistent in order to fill them. Explain the circle closest to you need their unconditional support, and to believe in you. UpozorenjaNikakvi preparations, tablets or teas to leave cigarettes, I can not help you, as you can yourself. Therefore, only the brave front, and good luck.

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