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How to cure a cold

How to treat a cold. With the first cold days, and the flu season starts, so it is very important to know how to treat a cold

With the first cold days, and the flu season starts, so it is very important to know how to treat a cold. A simple cold, if not treated on time, in this case appears as a sign of influenza disease. Fever, though not necessarily be, runny nose, pain and burning sensation in the throat, sneezing, nasal congestion ... are just some of the symptoms of colds.
Since we are on the verge of winter, when cold will be more and more often, we suggest a few tips to cure it as soon as possible .
How to treat a cold
rest. most common recommendation is that each doctor a cold, no matter how innocent it was, recovered from, for it is rest Resistant stronger immune system, since the body does not waste energy on other activities. The more liquid. Many Scientific studies have shown that this is in fact a big mistake, because it will not help you get rid of a cold. However, consumption of tea, freshly squeezed juices, along with supplements of vitamin C you can really help to relieve cold symptoms and act preventively against dehydration of the organism , in the case of high temperature. Do not be your own doctor. This primarily relates to the use of antibiotics on their own. In common colds do not need antibiotics, even preemptively, since they are used only in case of flu, which carry the viral infection. So at the lowest occurrence of common cold symptoms, visit your doctor, that he knows better than you. craftworks. If the cold was less pronounced, however, may help some traditional medicines such as milk karamelizovano - called sherbet -, various types of canned fruit, coverings Komove brandy or vinegar, which have proven very effective in lowering the temperature. Shower. If you have a fever, before you start taking ibuprofen or other drugs intended to lower her, try to get a sweat. Wear in layers, lie down, and cover it. If you catch the chills and sweats profusely, do not worry, its a sign that the body fights against temperature. then immediately take a shower with lukewarm water, change him and continue to relax. Adjust your diet. During Sleep During a cold, avoid heavy foods. Eat as much liquid food, which will not burden the stomach and thus dissipate the body the necessary energy. savetii advice you to some extent can not help but remember that prevention is still the best medicine. vaccinated on time, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more vitamin in the form of effervescent tablets, dress in layers, according to the season.

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