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How do upper body

How to work the upper body. Surely you many times that happened to you at that exact moment to wish you a good massage but unfortunately did not have anyone to pay for it

you are certainly many times that happened to you at that exact moment that you wanted a good massage but unfortunately did not have anyone to go for it. So I suggest you learn the techniques not only speeds up the metabolism and circulation, but is ideal for curing muscle. With only a few very simple movement you will feel much fresher and more relaxed. It is best to use the morning to refresh your body or in the evening to relax your muscles after a hard day.
How do
The following will explain how to work the upper body eyes. If you are tired eyes, rub your hands because you will thus provide a pleasant warmth in his hands. Close your eyes and place your palms over them so that the fingertips touch the start of the hair. Keep them in this position about half a minute, then rub your eyelids with your fingertips in the direction of the nose towards the temples. head. If you are suffering headaches do next. Sit down and take possession of a comfortable position. Zaim stronger movements of fingers rub the threads of your head. Press the palms of your neck both sides of the circular motion and then massage the area of ​​the toes back toward the front of the body. Let your head be relaxed without undue shrinkage. neck and shoulders. If you have problems with a stiff neck, or want to relax your shoulders try the following movements. left hand grip right shoulder in a circular motion and massage the area of ​​your shoulder to the neck. Then the same path back to massaging her shoulder, and repeat several times by increasing the strength of the grip. When youre done with the left side, go to the right in the same way.
After this, make a small break and then your left hand massaging his right shoulder blade and back.
massage your roots and neck with both hands from the bottom to the top of the head. Make sure that during these not squeeze too hard not to produce a counter.
After this movement, stand up and do a few gentle stretching exercises shoulder several times. hands. fist of one hand rub the palm of the other arm stretched out, and vice versa. It also can work with your thumb instead of fists. If any part of the hand or fingers feel the pain, this is the place keep a little longer. And then the whole arm massage in a circular motion in both directions. When finished shake hands a few times and relax them. back. longer start back massage massage large muscles that start in the armpit level. press as if you want something rubbing or areas around the shoulder blades.
Massage the first one then the other side of the shoulder. Then go for a massage and yielding increasing pressure. light circular movements massage the fingers in the direction of the lower spine upward. Press area on both sides. Finish with a massage and relax muscles.

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