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How to brush your teeth

How to brush your teeth. Teeth should be brushed at least every morning and evening

Teeth should be brushed at least every morning and evening. It is a prerequisite for your health and hygiene so as remove plaque bacteria and food. Regular and proper brushing help prevent caries or a disease of the oral cavity. In this article we will give you tips for proper brushing.
brush. You should know that there are several types of toothbrushes, depending not only on its shape, but that is hardness and softness. For adults generally recommended medium hardness brush because it removes plaque very well , and also does not damage the gums. Toothpaste. When you select the ideal toothbrush, find and idelnu toothpaste. on the market today there is a large selection of pasta. Try to paste regularly change and not always buying the same. Experiment and find that different most appropriate for you. How to choose a toothpaste. Brushing. teeth are peru grass grow and rain fall. Move outside of the teeth by brushing the lower teeth followed up, not down, because that way all the food and plaque bacteria pushing the right. Here are the same is true for the upper teeth, just as in the case of wash-down teeth.
When brushing the outside of the teeth, go to the full interior with the same method.
Having removed the bacteria and plaque food move your teeth a few times back and forth movements to avoid other possible remains of the tooth.
chewing surface wash from side to side motion with a flat brush set. SavetiRedovno change your toothbrush every 2-3 months. Avoid red wine, colored tea and coffee in large quantities if you want your teeth stay white. Regular use of the end is another step in maintaining dental hygiene.

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