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How to cure a headache naturally

How to cure a headache naturally. Headache is a very unpleasant and can cause a lot of things, because we will in this paper to give advice on how to cure a headache naturally

A headache is very uncomfortable and can cause a lot of things, because we will in this paper to give advice on how to cure a headache naturally. Perhaps this is due to a stress, aggravation, time changes, fatigue, lack of sleep, noise or something else. What Whatever the cause of the need to neutralize it. Of course, some would immediately reach for medication. Thats fine, but why not first try to cure a headache the natural way and avoid unnecessary use of drugs. Wondering how you can do? Find out in the following five tips: 1 - circular, gently massage the area around the eyes and head toward the temples and crown of the head. 2 - Add more to your diet quality vitamins and minerals. best effect on the headache with vitamin C and magnesium. best sources of vitamin C include: orange juice , pineapple juice, strawberries, tangerines, kiwi, orange, cranberry juice, tomato and so on. A good sources of magnesium are: milk, bananas, whole grains, green vegetables, etc.. Include as many of these foods in your diet and not only will you act of a headache but on the whole body to work better and be healthier and more resilient. 3 - If you are not allergic to the scents of lavender and eucalyptus, you can try rubbing with 2 drops of oil in their area around the temples. 4 - Try to focus only on current state. Cut out all the bad and negative thoughts from your head. Try to clear thinking. Relax muscles and concentrate on it that you want to pass you a headache. Ponavaljajte inside that you have going, that the minute you feel better and better. strong positive thought and energy can do wonders. Help yourself, even in difficult situations just think positively. This is the first step to healing. 5 - In addition to these four ways, you can try the tea. Different teas help with different kinds of pain and problems . For headaches try teas with chamomile and mint. treatment of headaches can sometimes be a slow process, and for that if any of these tips do not help, you always remain an option to talk to your doctor. If the headaches are very common, search expert assistance is required.

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