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Removing the temperature naturally

Removing the temperature naturally. Temperature itself is usually not dangerous

Temperature itself is not usually dangerous. This is normal and healthy reaction of the body to disease or a sign that the body fights off infection and the immune system works. The herbal pharmacy you can find a lot of ingredients to remove temperature naturally, that cause sweating and thus relieve the body from toxic substances. Here are some tips for removing temperature naturally: 1 - In case of fever the body loses more fluid, with the NPM and valuable vitamins and minerals. Therefore, a large fluid intake in the form of teas and other hot drinks and plenty of fresh fruit are the first step towards recovery. 2 - Home-made raspberry juice lowers the temperature and restores vitality patients. In a little water, cook the raspberries, and then drink a hot drink in the morning and evening. This is a good example of that natural medicine does not have to be bitter. 3 - Herbal tea for therapeutic sweating consists of 20g of chamomile flowers, 20g thyme acting antiseptic and soothe inflammation and 20g lime flowers that cause sweating. Pour the boiling water mix plant - goes to one cup 1 teaspoon of herbs -. Let stand for 10 min, drain and drink a few cups a day. 4 - acetic body wash water has beneficial effects. Before bathing, sponge with diluted vinegar natapljenim body scrub, then take a shower with warm water - not too hot -, wrap in warm towel and a right to bed. 5 - Thyme also makes it easier to breathe. With 1 liter of boiling water pour 20g thyme and 30g of fresh lemon. Let stand until cool, then strain and drink drink 3 times a day. Notes: - In case of high temperature, as prevenitivu flu should use the healing power of garlic. Crush a clove and add the hot soup. - The most accurate high temperature measurement is established before the meal - on an empty stomach -. During the day the temperature should be measured 2-3 times. - Drugs for lowering the temperature can be obtained without a prescription and their application is sometimes irrational and dangerous for children. Therefore, medical advice is highly desirable.

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