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How to relieve PMS symptoms

How to relieve PMS symptoms. Symptoms of PMS known as premenstrual symptoms are problems with kojma nearly every woman faces every month, and most seek ways to mitigate them

PMS symptoms known as premenstrual symptoms are problems with kojma nearly every woman faces every month, and most seek ways to mitigate them. Through mood swings, frequent dissatisfaction and depression, bolav in the stomach until the appearance of acne, bloating and bolava chest. All of them are due to changes in the work of these hormones during the day. With these tips you can alleviate at least some if not all of the above-stated well-known symptoms of PMS. 1 - Spread your meals and try to follow your plan. not skip them because so stun your body that is most sensitive in the days of PMS. This will prevent the desire for sweets, which is justified in those days. Whatever it is, try to avoid eating sweet because elevated blood sugar is the main cause of your problems. 2 - Eat more fruits, vegetables and fish, avoiding oily and oversalted food. This will bring your body into a healthier state and accordingly to reduce PMS symptoms. of olive oil use only in their diet because it alleviates the symptoms shown. 3 - During PMS eat more nuts and vegetables and whole grains. Avoid alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. 4 - The last option is to overcoming their pain shall be your doctor visits. He may prescribe medication which will help to significantly reduce your problems. Because of hazards each drug, first make sure you naturally overcome the pain. Drugs that are commonly used in such cases are: Caffetin Menstrual classic or ibuprofen to relieve pain.

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