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The treatment of mononucleosis

Treatment of Mononucleosis. Treatment of mononucleosis is not quite so simple, it actually is and can not be cured in a conventional way, but it has to get over

Treatment of Mononucleosis is not quite so simple, it actually is and can not be cured in a conventional way, but it has to get over.
Mononucleosis is popularly known as the kissing disease because it usually carries and just a kiss. When kissing between the two partners just lurking disease which in this case transmitted through saliva.
This disease is caused by the herpes virus, known in medicine as Epstein Barre virus.
What is characteristic of mononucleosis is that it is not must occur immediately, but it often happens that it is at rest in the body and that waiting time when immunity weakens. How to know you have Mononucleosis? 1 - mononucleosis most common symptom is fatigue. It can cause physical isrpljenosti body, lack of sleep or general fatigue and care. usually comes to joint pain. 2 - In addition to fatigue, the symptoms are: lack of appetite, sore throat and fatigue and in some cases fever. How to treat mononucleosis? 1 - As we said in the introduction to this article, there is no cure for mononucleosis, but it has to get over. Mononucleosis usually lasts between 10 and 30 days, depending on person to person. Elevated temperatures can be maintained up to two weeks, and after that everything would be slowly returning to normal. 2 - The best cure for mononucleosis is actually resting, rest. 3 - It is recommended that you drink a little larger amounts of fluid during the recovery from this disease. 4 - In the days of very high temperature in consultation with the doctor, you can drink a certain temperature-lowering drugs such as ibuprofen. Brufen will help the body return to normal temperature and easier Sedam period when the government mononucleosis your body. 5 - Try to avoid any physical activity and a greater effort in the next two months to avoid rare adverse events. Note: - Do not resort to antibiotics for free because they have no effect because in this case comes to viral infection - As soon as you feel and notice any symptoms that could indicate mononucleosis, immediately visit your doctor to determine exactly what is in question and tell you how to is still receiving treatment

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