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How to use a buffer

How to use a tampon. How to use a tampon or cartridge? Question that many young ladies ask yourself when you reach puberty

How to use a tampon or cartridge? Question that many young ladies ask yourself when you reach puberty. Many of them opt for the latter because I do not know how to use a tampon or are too shy to be an issue. There are many reasons why which can decide to use tampons or and that you do not know how to use a tampon, definitely should not be a factor that will be decisive. 1 - the markets right type of pad. can be found with plastic, which are easier to insert or cardboard applicator. Tampons are also distinguished by absorption features, and should you decide to only one super tampons when bleeding the most during the period. 2 - Wash your hands before and after inserting a tampon. 3 - When you insert a tampon, feet that they may be separate and slightly bent at the knees. You can pick up one foot to the toilet on board, or you can even sit on it if you are so convenient. 4 - Hold the middle of the tampon applicator, so that part of the pad that is attached to the ribbon is facing you. It is usually marked on the pad where you can put your fingers, but in any case to be a place to refer to the part where the buffer tube expands. 5 - Position the pad at the entrance of the vaginal opening. You may need to open the lips of the vagina in order to obtain to the opening. 6 - Gently push the tampon applicator inside your vagina until your fingers touch the body and the outer part is completely inside your vagina. This is the hardest part of the process and may need more time to insert a tampon inside. Try to relax, if you squeeze too can only afford to make it hard. Also, do not know how to buffer only vertically, try to find the angle at which you no undue pressure to insert the tampon. 7 - Insert the applicator into the inside of the outer part, pushing the tampon inside the vagina that way. If you bothered buffer and creates discomfort, its probably because you did not insert nicely into the vagina and youll have to unplug it and try again. 8 - Pull out the applicator, making sure that the string buffer is outside of the vagina . She will use for the extraction buffer.

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