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How to cure asthma

How to cure asthma. In this article youll learn how to cure asthma naturally

In this article youll learn how to cure asthma naturally. Some people with asthma practice to treat the same natural way, before using any products with excessive use can actually worsen the condition in humans. Numerous vitamins and minerals may be beneficial to affect the treatment of asthma and reduce the chances of asthma attacks. 1 - You need to know that asthma attacks include the release of large numbers of free radicals - molecules with unpaired electrons - in your body. their adverse effects can be counteracted by taking an additional daily dose of vitamins C and E. 2 - Treat asthma using the ginseng plant. orijetnalna This popular plant has proven anti-inflammatory effects. Given that asthma is by nature a disease that involves inflammation of internal organs, this plant seems to be beneficial to all people with asthma. 3 - Take about 50 mg per day of wild licorice , also known as koleus, along with hot water. If it takes 2 to 3 times a day, licorice may also be a good ally in the fight against asthma. Note also that the use of this herb can increase the effects of steroids are used to treat asthma. This practice of treatment of asthma should be the subject of serious discussion with your doctor before you start to do so. 4 - Use of magnesium supplements in order to open the airways. 500 mg of magnesium a day can dilate your bronchi, which will significantly reduce the chances of asthma attacks. 5 - Eat more fish, nuts, grains, and use flax oil semana. These foods contain omega 3 fatty acids that are effective against asthma. In particular, salmon and tuna are rich concentration of these acids. 6 - Combine alternative to conventional methods of treatment of asthma, if you want to alleviate the possibility of attacks on your body and to alleviate the effect that these attacks may have. Although many people keep the praise of holistic methods of treatment of asthma, they are not something you could rely in case of serious asthma attack.

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