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How to use lube

How to use lubricants. Lubricants are Sexualna tools used in the event that the vagina is drier and to reduce friction during sexual intercourse

Lubricants Sexualna the tools used in the event that the vagina is drier and to reduce friction during sexual intercourse. Even simpler words put lubricant used for lubrication during sex. Need for lubricants can be for several reasons. Usually this is when the vagina is drier, and the reasons for this may be numerous. To avoid scraping and even a possible violation of the sexual organs foreskin, you can opt for a lubricant. Most condoms have on top, a little lube but it can often be insufficient and is therefore used and additional supplies. And now we come to your question ...
How to use lube?
1 - Before you explain how to use lube, you need to know which to choose. It is important to choose a lubricant that is water based, or you will be exposed to the danger of damaging your condom. If you do not know who they are water based, very often it can be found on the product label or simply ask the saleswoman to help you. Do not ashamed of, it can only be a plus if a cute salesgirl in question: - 2 - If you want to use lubricant in combination with a condom, of course, first you have to put a condom. sure to take care, that the time to maintain a good erection. Get the lube and squeeze some of fingertips and rub it all well on your penis or condom. If you really want, you can put a little lube on your partners vagina. This will certainly make it easier to slide. 3 - When all the good rubbing, slowly push your penis. You will feel much everything is easier and better, smoothly: - Just as in this case it is really done. 4 - Lubricants can be used not only for the case of dry vagina, but purely for fun. Day by day, lubricants are becoming increasingly popular more, no they are not a taboo subject, so if you miss a bit of freshness about it and want irpobati something new - why not go ahead. I tell what it was: - Crawling, indexing

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