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How do we hear

As we hear. Sounds caused by flashing of the sound source

Sounds caused by flashing of the sound source. To flicker is transferred to the neighboring particles of air, and they begin to blink and to transmit the following Cesic etc., and then it comes up flickering of all particles in the air, and that is how the sound waves. Our ear through which we receive sound waves consists of outer, middle and inner ear. Heres how to register
sound ... As we hear?
1 - External ear first localize collects and conducts sound from the outside world. ear consists of the ear shell and the ear canal and the canal serves to reinforce those tones sound that facilitate the understanding of speech. the walls of the ear canal contains glands that are - among others - maintain humidity eardrum-flexible membrane that vibrates in contact with sound waves. 2 - the middle ear air-filled space behind the eardrum which contains three small bones-the hammer, anvil and stirrup. When the sound vibration of the eardrum prouzrukuje chain of small bones also starts to vibrate amplifying sound vibrations and transmits them to the inner ear fluids. 3 - in the inner ear itself contains a system of tubes that are filled with watery fluid, and the mikrospski small components have the effect of the microphone. As the sound waves reach the inner ear so that fluid begins to move and to run simultaneously in the form of tiny hair cells to the nerve-fiber that actually determine the most Does that sound to us before or not. So the sound waves through vibrations and cells translate the message, ie. imulpse in electrical auditory nerve which is carried to the brain.

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