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How to improve posture

How to improve posture. Do you care what you look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Here are effective ways that will relieve the pain, you have to learn the correct posture and improve muscle tone

Are you concerned that you look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Here are effective ways that will relieve the pain, you have to learn the correct posture and improve muscle tone.
Guide Learn what the correct posture. Many people think that standing upright mean you have to tighten your back to your chest rose and fell, and tossed his head back. Thats not true. The spine has two natural curves that you should keep and which are called double C or S curve. These curves, which extend from the root of your head to the shoulders and the S curve that goes from the upper back to the root of the spine. When you stand up straight, your weight should be arranged in the foot. You may feel as though you are leaning forward, i look a bit funny, but not so. Use a mirror, let your ears, shoulders and hips parallel. Correct posture means that your ears are parallel with your shoulders above your hips. Again, these points form a straight line, but the spine itself curves in a slight shape of the letter S. Note that this does not hurt at all. If you experience pain, look at the side of the mirror to see if you push back in an unnatural position. If you do, stop! Do exercises that will strengthen the muscles along the upper back and shoulders . do not have to be tough! Try to do the following exercises with or without hand weights.
Keep your ears are aligned above the shoulders. Lift both arms outstretched to the level of the ears. Remember that your ears are the same. Bend the arm the shoulders to be able to touch the blades. Do ten repetitions with both arms, then do ten reps for each arm individually.
Let your ears be parallel with your shoulders. Raise both hands on the side to shoulder height. Keep them in this position while slowly counting to ten. Slowly lower arms to the side and count to ten while doing it. again slowly raise your arms to your shoulders are level, and at the count of ten. Do ten repetitions. If you start too many repetitions of ten, how much you can do. You should feel at least a little fatigue in the shoulder muscles.
Be Penguin. While waiting for a page on the internet open, toast to bake, or mirotalasna to finish, put your elbows on the side and touch shoulder arms. While youre hands on his shoulders, and your ears at the same level, raise both elbows - number one, two - and drop them to the waist - number one, two -. Do as many reps as you allow your waist. Youll be surprised how many Mosbach exercises to be done in 30 seconds. Do stretching. This can help if after a while you feel that the stiff back or neck.
tilt your head in all four directions over your shoulder - front, back, left, right - and slowly massage your neck. Do not turn your head all the way, since you can cause more stiffness. Repeat the exercise several times a day. If you work in the morning, your body will draw from sleepiness, and periodically during the day and you will increase your energy level without strenuous exercise. Take a ballet classes. You can go to classes in art schools, they are a recreational type. Do yoga. Yoga is excellent for posture. You can go to yoga classes or to find a good video to practice.
Sitting Sit in Let the office chair backs are aligned with back office chairs. You should not lean forward or hunch, especially when you are tired of long sitting in the office chair. Keep your shoulders straight. Bend your arm at an angle of 75 to 90 degrees at the elbows. You have to set the chair. Let your neck, back and heels are in the same plane. Let both feet are on the floor. If you have a problem to the feet touch the floor, you can use the foot rests with the office chair.
While standing
Stand with weight transferred to the front of your feet, not on your heels. Do not crossbreed your knees. Keep your feet are slightly apart, about shoulder-width apart. Let your hands more naturally on both sides of the body little tuck your chin to balance the position of the head. Keep your head on the top of the neck and spine, not pushed or tilted forward. Stand up straight and right, with flat shoulders. When you stand up against the wall, let the shoulders and buttocks touching the wall. In this position, the back of the head would also should touch the wall if not, the head is moved too far ahead
As you walk, let the head be elevated and staring in front of you. Do not move your head forward. Let the shoulders are aligned with the rest of the body
While driving
Let be back hard against the seat for proper support. seat should be at some distance from the pedals and steering wheel in order to avoid leaning forward and strained. support for the head to support the middle of the head so the head is right. Tilt support for the head slightly forward to make sure that the distance between the head and the support is not greater than 10 cm.
While wearing something
Always bend at the knees, not the waist. Use the large leg muscles and stomach at boot, not the lumbar back. If necessary, get the belt to maintain good posture when lifting things. Some large and heavy objects to be closer to the chest while wearing them. Swap hands often if you wear something in one hand Some handbags and ranches are as easy as possible and balance the weight on both sides as far as possible, or change from one to the other side. When carrying a backpack, do not lean forward or to shrug his shoulders. If you carry too much weight, you might to get a backpack or bag with wheels.
While you sleep
Koristitie hard mattress for good support for your back, but it is important to remember that what you more comfortable. Try to sleep on their backs. If you sleep on your side, keeping worsen after a number of times. sleeping on their backs will strengthen the shoulders, back, and usually more comfortable than if you sleep on your stomach. Use a pillow for correct support and to level the head and shoulders. Think about how to place wrapped a towel under the neck and one below the knees to better support the spine. If you sleep on your side, a relatively flat pillow between your legs will help your spine be straight and right. SavetiUvek imagine the rope that pulls you toward the ceiling. Visualization techniques like these can help. Do not hunch is that while you walk. Try walking with a book that balances on the head. Have patience. Correcting your posture may take, especially if for years you have poor posture. Do not pulling muscles when trying to assume the correct posture. You will only strain the joints and muscles and may be affected the skeleton, and thus your posture, even the way you move and breathe. Try to relax in this position, but if you experience back pain, stop!. probably causing unnecessary muscle tension. It is important to distinguish between back pain and muscle fatigue. Having been properly conduct the foreign, the muscles needed for proper posture of the spine may not be sufficiently strengthened. rule for this is that if you tense up and hurt you to breathe, correct your posture. Let your breathing as a guide, you need to feel good! can take weeks to correct muscle imbalance and it is a very difficult task, but in the end is worth it. best side effect of keeping your head up and ears / shoulders / hips in the same plane is a step forward to your confidence and attitude. If you walk with his head, looking as if you have more confidence that affects your behavior and mood. UpozorenjaNe do the exercises if you feel pain, kvrckanje joints, stretch the muscle fatigue or greater. This will not achieve anything. Instead, you frustrated and probably will not continue practicing, and you can be seriously injured. If you can only do 3 reps, do 3 when you get up, after three breakfasts and three before you go out. next day or next day, can you do 4 reps . then 7, and 10 Everyone who is currently struggling, or used to have back injuries, neck, knee, or pelvis should not try to correct your posture. This consequently might affect the injury. Contact your doctor or another professional in the field physical education before any attempt to do something with your body posture correction. There are many points concerning the proprioceptive sense of the words difficult to explain and even harder to understand and translate them into movement. If the exercises listed on this page do not work you can more easily walking, including a series of movements that you can immediately check, stop and seek professional help physiologists and teachers to improve their posture, and not to ever repeat the instructions here. what doctors recommend, and what is covered by insurance as physical therapy and osteopathy. Other fields that may be also covered by insurance, although not confirmed by scientific studies include chiropractic, acupuncture and Alexander technique - for the improvement of posture -. In addition, there are many alternatives and fitness field for improving posture, a non-confirmed scientific experiments or covered by insurance. When embarking on a course of better housing, better to ask and consult. Followers of some areas to recommend a teacher who has appropriate training and license. It is also recommended to review delotovornost certain exercises, even when referring to a specific field of study and treatment by your physician.

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