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How to gain weight

How to gain weight. While most people try to lose weight, there are those who try to ugoje

While most people try to lose weight, there are those who try to breeding. Whether you want to become a member of a sports team, or simply realize that thin and has a lot of negative side, some people have decided that they must obtain the kilogram. Heres a healthy way to be breeding. Eat large meals each day, but they may still be healthy. fat and meat are good food to be gained weight.
How to gain weight
Determine how many calories need to give your body a day to maintain current weight so as to calculate your metabolic rate at rest - RMR - Resting Metabolic Rate -. Find a calculator on the Internet or using the following equation: RMR = 9
99W + 6 25s - 4th 92a + 166g-161 t = weight in kilograms. v = height in centimeters. s = age in years, p = sex = 1 for males and 0 for women to your daily intake to maintain weight should be: RMR x 1 . 15 - Eg. RMR = 2000, so that the regular intake of first 2000 x 15 = 2300 - / ul Keep a healthy diet. Calculate how many calories you need to enter during the day to be gained weight. Add at least 500 calories Your daily customers needs. If you need 2300 calories to maintain your current weight, try to enter the 2800 daily calories. If you indulge in any physical activity, add more calories at the expense of those that burn through the training. For example, a person who weighs 60 kg and that for energetic tridesetominutni training burns about 180 calories. That same day, he / she is supposed to bring 500 + 180 calories that are added daily requirements calculated in the aforementioned equation. Change your eating habits. Try to have three big meals and two to three throughout the day. Focus on the following foods: Bread
- caloric and rich - with whole grains, oat, rye - is more nutritious, and cut off a thick slice and rub liberally peanut butter, jam, honey or cream cheese. Vegetables - Choose starchy vegetables - potatoes, peas, corn, carrots, beets - abundant water instead of vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, cucumbers - Fruits - Eat fruits rich in starch - banana, pear, apple, pineapple, candied fruit - before water rich fruit - oranges, plums, raspberries, watermelon -. Soup - Eat nutritious soups rather than broth. If you have problems with swelling or high blood pressure is best to avoid all kinds of man-made soup from the pouch. Add oil - Before cooking, add considerable amount of oil. healthier unrefined - cold pressed - like olive oil, coconut, palm, and of course butter. Less healthy, but still acceptable sources of oil are those containing a high concentration of omega-6 fatty acids, such as sunflower or peanut oil . unhealthy oils are those which contain unsaturated fats such as soybean oil nehranljivog - so called. vegetable oil - Spreads! - Apply tasty, calorie spreads on toast, crackers, pie and other foods rich in carbohydrates. This is a great way to increase your calorie intake. Some high-calorie spreads the cream cheese, butter, peanut butter, sour cream, slices of cheese, mayonnaise. Better still mix it with pieces of chicken or fish. / ul Avoid unhealthy, high calorie foods. most important thing is to avoid saturated fats, that increase the risk of disease. Foods containing unsaturated fats: pasta, cakes, biscuits, processed meat, margarine and fast food. Train. This will not only help in converting extra calories into muscle rather than fat, but will also stimulate and your appetite. newly developed muscles will speed up your metabolism so that you will have to increase your daily caloric intake to maintain weight. During the first month of training, can be extremely advance if you follow the prescribed program. However, we also expect a gradual decline after the initial period - This is known in the bodybuilding world as a plateau -. This will be overcome by going to assess the relationship between your weight and muscle mass, while boosting nutrition. Eat more protein. Proteins are essential for building and restoring the muscle tissue. If you do not consume enough protein from crude protein through food or supplements, getting the weight and muscle mass will be impossible. Those who want to gain weight should take at least 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Add nuts to your diet. Nuts are convenient and healthy snacks so you can carry in a bag and nibble throughout the day. It is a healthy goats milk and is excellent for weight gain. Try and powder supplements provided for weight gain. carefully ask about them until you find one you like and that fits into your budget. SavetiPijte enough water. Keep in mind that other things such as length and frequency of sleep also affect your metabolism. If you have an illness like depression or diabetes, It will also have an impact on your weight gain. When you take any training very often you will feel severe pain in the muscles, known as inflammation of the muscles. This inflammation is completely normal and should not be discouraged and to stop the train. stops for 3 -5 days. UpozorenjaZapamtite that everything is very much harm, therefore watch out for fat and protein you eat. Extremely fast getting weight can cause a stretch marks and other skin damage. Eating only one kind of food can be very unhealthy. Make to balance the intake of meat, grains and vegetables. Make sure you train every day.

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