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How your medication

How your medication. Drugs containing medicinal substances which need to be incorporated into the body for the purpose of treatment or preventive purposes

Drugs containing medicinal substances which need to be incorporated into the body for treatment or prevention. Drugs may be introduced in different ways and act locally or systemically. Local acting drugs that are applied directly to the skin, mucous membranes, eye, ear ... The systemic effect is achieved by oral or parenteral - by blood -. By oral administration, which is the most common, involves the ingestion of drugs with the help of liquid.
How your medication
There are different forms of medicines for oral use: Tablets are of medicinal substances plate or round shape. There are several types: effervescent tablets, lingual, chewable tablets, coated tablets.
effervescent tablets are larger than usual, packed in plastic boxes. One tablet is inserted into a glass of water and it is solutions. drug solution is usually a pleasant taste and smell, so it is easier to consume.
lingual tablets are placed under the tongue and hold until completely melted. are used when necessary rapid action of the drug.
Tablets Chewable are soft, so it is easy and then swallow.
coated tablets are sugar-coated tablets or gelatin. In this way cover the unpleasant taste of medical resources and facilitate swallowing. gelatin-coated tablets to protect medicinal substance from the coated tablets dissolve in the stomach. Capsules the form of rolls that may contain solvents or powders. Protect medicinal substance from degradation in the stomach, allowing absorption only in the intestine. also mask the unpleasant taste of drugs and protect the mouth, through which passes a drug when swallowed, from the harmful effects of the drug. usually drink at intervals of 6, 8 or 12 hours. It is strict adherence to the prescribed dose and accuracy in taking the capsules at a precisely defined time interval. drugs in powder form: razmuti need them in the appropriate amount of water or unsweetened tea and drink it all at once. SavetiUzimati prescription drugs in doses, because each drug in large quantities of potentially toxic. Drink them at a certain time, because it reduces the effect of the drug, if drug taking arbitrary. If dose is missed, do not take twice as much as it can cause poisoning, but wait for the next term. If the delay is small - up to half an hour - is allowed to drink medicine. Do not drink the drug fasting, unless so stated. Some drugs eg. drugs for the treatment of anemia are taken one hour before meals. medicines to drink water or tea. Avoid taking the juice, not the sodas. Never drink medication with alcoholic drinks. Do not drink the medicine with milk or yoghurt, as calcium from milk decreases the absorption of some medicines. UpozorenjaObratit special attention to the advice of doctors and pharmacists regarding contraindications and adverse effects of the drug. If the occurrence of new symptoms - rash, nausea, vomiting ... - stop using the medication and consult a doctor Independent medication without medical advice for self-treatment is not recommended. Auxiliary medicinal remedies can be taken in consultation with a pharmacist. Last and most important is that each drug must drink plenty of fluids, because it may cause serious complications in the esophagus. It is important to take one or more glasses of water with the drug.

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