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How to stop hiccups

How to stop hiccups. All of us happened to hiccup, without rhyme, without reason

All of us happened to hiccup, without rhyme, without reason. Not a problem when we are at home, but when we are in a meeting, work, school .. knows how to be very uncomfortable. The following steps will describe how to prevent and easily and quickly.
How to stop hiccups
pour cold water into a glass of 2 dl, and may more, preferably. thrown his head back and start otpijanjem. Swallowing slowly, but larger amounts of water, some 3 - 4 sips from a cup. When we drink water, stay in that position for about 5 more seconds, then slowly straighten your head in normal position. inhaled deeply 3-5 times and hiccups should stop. SavetiPiti only water, not juice or sour especially carbonated!

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