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How to cure hangnails

How to cure hangnails. Far from cuticles fall into the disease, although they are very irritating and sometimes painful

Far from cuticles fall into the disease, although they are very irritating and sometimes painful. Most often occur in winter or during wet weather, although it depends on how many times a day do you wash your hands, what you do, how you eat. Sometimes, they will pass on their own for the day - two, sometimes you have to use extra resources to solve them. It is very important not to forget, then try on the fly to pluck or pogrickate cuticles, as this will likely create painful sores themselves, rather than get rid of hangnails. Moreover, not only watch the cuticle, but pay attention to the nails - sometimes they are your indicators of your general health and any small irregularities - and even hangnails - Alarms can be something that your body missing.
To cure hangnails
nails are made of layers of keratin, a protein that is found in our skin and hair, consisting of 6 parts. fingernails grow 2 to 3 mm per month, while toenails grow at least half as fast. hangnail is an inflammation of the nail root and arises because the nail is growing much faster than the skin around the nail. foreskin is so stretched, broken, and create the cuticles. cuticles are usually dry and dead skin at the root of the nail, but sometimes this can happen and inflammatory processes that can be quite unpleasant and painful - for example, to make a salad, lemonade or cut tomatoes - all of you know what I mean -. How to solve the problem? remove dead skin from the nail root corresponding forked tool from your tools polish. Note that the first be harsh, and that is just yours. Do not borrow someone elses equipment and do not share his. Change, lending and sharing nail clipper with someone can lead to exchange of any bacteria found in skin around the nail and then you create the inflammation itself. If you have inflammation of the cuticle - any reason - then you have scissors or clippers carefully remove excess dry skin, and the remainder treated as follows - first exfoliate your skin - soap or alcohol - and Then wet the skin and nails greasy cream. For moisturizing the skin around the nail - and even the very nails - use a cream polish - today it produces a lot of manufacturers -, nail oil or baby lotion. Sometimes you can use grape grease. Be good to your skin absorbed. If you really do not have the patience to not touch anything hands for a while, then get a manicure gloves or use a regular latex gloves that you can buy in any pharmacy. Once you remove the dead skin around the nail from cuticle to arise, then make sure that the skin is no longer builds up, by the skin around the nails regularly suppressed. For the occasion accessories for nail pusher, or if you just do not have a pusher - you can use anything else for pushing - pushing - the skin or nails using the other hand. are popular pushers of cherry blossom branches and can be bought in any perfumery. If you inflamed red skin around the nails and itchy, then it is a sign that there developed a fungus or bacteria. If itching persists hand washing or alcohol treatment, you can try to hydrogen disinfect the skin, but better to be in contact to the professional person. Perhaps the reaction is not the result of external factors. not nibble your nails and cuticles when you are stressed. It will make your problem with the cuticle just renewed and updated. careful what you eat . Let food be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, protein, calcium and zinc. This will ensure healthy skin and nails, and hair. In addition, your skin will have its own natural moisture. If you wash your hands frequently or work with strong chemicals, you must use a regular hand cream - or your hands and nails -. It is important that the skin is wet hands, because cuticles and peeling occur only with dry skin. Do not use the right kinds of nail varnish, and let the acetone is oil . Some people recommend for healthy and beautiful nails and rub the same onion for several days. rubbing olive oil into the skin around the nail may also help prevent cuticle.

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