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How to Choose a Toothpaste

How to choose a toothpaste. Since the pasta just an aid, a major role in dental hygiene is actually a brush, does not seem too important what type or brand of toothpaste use

Since the pasta just an aid, a major role in dental hygiene is actually a brush, does not seem too important what type or brand of toothpaste we use. Anyway we choose them carefully with every purchase. However, no toothpaste can not be. Children like sweet, fruity taste with colorful packaging, adults more or less angry ... Everyone has their favorite. And if, to take her for a number of commercials, the choice can be difficult. All the promise of beautiful and healthy teeth, no cavities, bright white, fresh breath. Here you will get some guidance on the variety of toothpastes, which will hopefully make better choices in selecting the best toothpaste.
type toothpaste
There are different kinds of pasta, depending on what you want to achieve. Whether it comes to marketing tricks and there are really good and the bad toothpaste? Paste tooth whitening
They are really bright smile after a long use. whitening toothpastes contain a mild abrasive substances that remove stains from the tooth surface. It incurred on the spots due to consumption of colored beverages - tea, coffee, carbonated soft drinks - and food. not remove tartar or other discoloration of the teeth. These particles clean stains your teeth to some extent. However, you will not izbeleti to the point where the dentist can bleaching treatment.
Disadvantage: There is a danger that excessive use of damaged enamel, especially in sensitive teeth. fluoride toothpaste
most important ingredient in any toothpaste is fluoride. Fluorides are excellent prevention of dental caries. Strengthen and build up the surface layer of tooth enamel. make it stronger and more resistant to any adverse effects which it is exposed in the first place why the recommended daily tooth brushing with toothpaste containing fluoride.
Mana: Fluorides are toxic toothpaste and it should not be more than 0.15% . Organic - Natural - toothpaste
They appeared in the sale of various natural toothpaste without preservatives, colors and sweeteners, and all the unnecessary extras that are put in the paste for commercialization. In toothpastes are various ingredients that may interfere with individuals hypersensitive to them, but some carcinogens, then allowing foam. If you are a supporter of organic produce is no reason not to use this toothpaste. only essential ingredient is fluoride, so good any toothpaste with fluoride. paste without fluoride
Lately, more and more stories about the harmful effects of fluoride on health. He was charged with disruption of the endocrine glands, immune system, development of teeth and so on.
Disadvantages: the paste may not contain fluoride, but they are rich in other harmful ingredients. Paste
without detergents Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - SLS - a detergent that allows you to create a foam while brushing teeth. However, foam removes impurities, but also reduces the resistance of the oral mucosa to external influences, and leads to ulcers, ulcers, and damage the gums. I paste that does not produce foam are effective and do not contain this harmful ingredient. Paste Paste with xylitol
generally contain artificial sweeteners aspartame and sorbitol, in order to improve the taste. Paste with xylitol are generally without fluoride, and have great taste, especially for children, because there is no possible danger in swallowing. Paste for periodontitis
In this issue are recommended special medical paste and brush your teeth with soft brush. gels
Some important differences between the paste and gel actually no. In addition to the look and consistency, which is of importance in dental hygiene. composition is more or less the same. Who prefers it free gel can be used instead of paste, the effect is the same.
amount of paste
No need for excessive amount of paste, from the beginning to the end of the brush, as the advertisement. Sufficient is the size of a pea for a brushing. More than that will make your teeth any cleaner or healthier.
Whichever toothpaste used but movements of the brush doing a major work. It is crucial how the teeth peru movements toothbrush. brush is placed at an angle of 45 degrees, to reach the fibers and the areas between the teeth and gums. teeth to rub small circles inside and out . Brushing should last for 3 minutes. After brushing the spaces between the teeth should be cleaned with dental floss. SavetiDakle, importantly, how and how long you brush your teeth. Which means that. with any pasta, it is less important. So use your favorite pasta, selected on any, even the most ordinary criteria, such as color, smell, taste ... real toothpaste is any paste that will keep you regularly brush your teeth. Fluoride in small amounts is not harmful, but still spend paste sparingly . This reduces the intake of excess fluoride and prevent caries. UpozorenjaSuplementi fluorine content - such as tablets. - is no longer prescribed to pregnant women. In children it is recommended to be prescribed only in risky cases. Too much fluoride in children can lead to fluorosis, ie. permanent discoloration of the teeth. caution in children because of fluoride toothpaste is toxic, even potentially fatal, if a child swallowed in large quantities. Note the amount of toothpaste used by children and to prohibit the eating often very tasty toothpaste.

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